Study Indicates eSports Betting Poised for Big Growth in 2018 and Beyond

Image credit: Jakob Wells

A survey conducted by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, LLC has found that the betting industry has high expectations for the growth of eSports betting. The survey asked the operators of 31 different betting sites that offer eSports markets a series of questions involving their expectations for 2018. Every last respondent replies that they believe eSports betting handle will continue to grow in 2018. Continue reading

Ron Paul and the NBA Both on Board with State Approach to Gambling Regulation

Ron Paul and the NBA have both signaled support for the state-by-state approach to gambling regulation this week. Former congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul wants the states to choose their own paths when it comes to online gambling. This is no surprise coming from Ron Paul, who has long been an advocate for states’ rights when it comes to state-level matters. Continue reading

Verizon Reportedly Eyeing Sports Betting in the USA

Image credit: Mike Mozart

Verizon Communications is reportedly eyeing its options regarding sports betting as the Supreme Court weighs a case that could see the activity legalized later this year. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of New Jersey in its challenge of the constitutionality of the national sports betting ban, it will open the doors to legalization on a state-by-state basis across the USA. Continue reading

Nebraska Lawmakers Debate, Filibuster Fantasy Sports Bill

Image credit: Justin Waits

Lawmakers in Nebraska kicked off another round of debate this week concerning a bill that seeks to impose regulations on the already-established daily fantasy sites in the state. The bill, which is backed by the DFS industry, will impose new regulations on fantasy sports sites and require them to register with the state. Continue reading

7 Stocks Worth Considering Before Supreme Court Sports Betting Decision

Note: I am not a financial advisor, tax advisor, lawyer, doctor or rocket scientist. I do know a thing or two about the state of sports betting in the USA, but that’s about it. Today’s post is not advice; it is just me talking about a few stocks I am considering ahead of the Supreme Court sports betting case. I may or may not buy into one or more of these stocks, but am undecided as of now. Consider your own investment goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, etc. etc.

The Supreme Court of the United States is scheduled to make a ruling on the much-anticipated New Jersey Sports Betting case sometime this year. Most new stories I’ve read anticipate that decision to come down by this summer. Continue reading