PayNearMe has emerged in recent years as the primary cash-based deposit method for licensed betting sites in the USA. This option is ideal for players who are wary about gambling on a credit card or linking their bank accounts to gambling websites because PayNearMe is based entirely on cash.

Best PayNearMe Betting Sites

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Additionally, PayNearMe has proven useful to operators due to its widespread availability. Wherever you may live, there are likely a few PayNearMe locations just a short drive away. Betting sites have obvious incentives to make depositing as convenient as possible, so offering PayNearMe for customers intent on funding their accounts with cash is an easy choice.

Difficulties processing certain credit and debit card payments have also spurred the growth of PayNearMe in the regulated market. Even today, some financial institutions are reluctant to process transactions related to online sports betting, gambling and poker. If you’ve had problems depositing with a credit or debit card, PayNearMe offers a workable solution that is still fairly convenient.

How to Deposit with PayNearMe

Depositing with PayNearMe is fairly simple. The first thing to do is sign up for an account at one of the many betting sites that accept PayNearMe deposits. Most licensed betting sites in New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia and elsewhere accept PayNearMe, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult. You can see our recommendations above if you don’t already have an online gaming account.

Once you have an account with a legal betting site, here’s what you do next:

  1. Log in to your account and visit the cashier to make a deposit
  2. Select PayNearMe as your deposit method
  3. Choose an amount to deposit
  4. You’ll be given a PaySlip with a unique barcode that you can either print or save to your phone
  5. Take your PaySlip to your nearest 7-Eleven, CVS or Family Dollar (find your nearest location here)
  6. Hand your PaySlip to the cashier and pay your selected deposit amount with cash
  7. Get your receipt, go home and log in to start playing immediately

Your PaySlip will look something like this:

PayNearMe betting sites

Looking at the Many Betting Sites that Accept PayNearMe

PayNearMe has become an established payment method at a surprisingly diverse range of gaming sites. What was once a fairly niche deposit option is now supported by legal sports betting sites, horse racing sites, online casinos, poker sites and official state lotteries.

Some of the many sites that accept PayNearMe include:

The one type of gaming site PayNearMe does not serve is any site that does not have a license to operate in the United States. As a US-based payment processor, PayNearMe takes a conservative approach to the way it conducts business in the United States. This includes a blanket refusal to work with offshore betting sites that operate contrary to US law.

One thing that’s important to note is that all relationships PayNearMe develops with regulated betting sites are a two-way street. PayNearMe exercises discretion in who it chooses to serve, but those betting sites also vet PayNearMe.

In a blog post published on the PayNearMe website, the company explains the exhaustive process would-be gaming operators undergo when applying for online betting licenses. The process involves extensive background checks, financial suitability analyses, investigating technology standards and much more.

One other thing regulators consider when issuing licenses is how prospective licensees will manage deposits and withdrawals. This in turn leads to payment processors such as PayNearMe undergoing similar levels of scrutiny not just from their partners, but from online gaming regulators as well.

As a part of that process, PayNearMe is required to have systems in place to prevent minors and self-restricted gamblers from funding online gaming accounts. It’s not enough that the betting sites themselves must effectively prevent unauthorized players; PayNearMe also shoulders some of the burden.

PayNearMe accomplishes this by sending an approval request to the betting site every time someone comes in to make a cash deposit. If the player does not have an account with that site, is underage or has self-excluded from gambling, PayNearMe declines the transaction right there at the counter.

What advantages does PayNearMe offer over other deposit methods?

The primary advantage and selling point of PayNearMe is that it does not require you to divulge your private banking information at any time. If you have cash in your pocket, you can complete a deposit from start to finish without ever exposing your banking details.

PayNearMe also comes in handy for anyone without a bank account, credit card or debit card. Whether you had problems at your last bank or just prefer to do everything with cash, PayNearMe works entirely on cash transactions.

As an added benefit, PayNearMe makes it easier to keep your spending under control. Multiple studies have found people tend to watch their expenditures much more closely when paying with cash as opposed to paying with credit. Paying with cash tends to feel more “real” than simply swiping a credit card.

What disadvantages does PayNearMe suffer vs. other deposit options?

PayNearMe is convenient for a cash method, but it’s still not as convenient as simply typing in your credit card number or initiating an electronic bank transfer from the comfort of home. PayNearMe deposits require you to get up off the couch, visit your nearest 7-Eleven or pharmacy and pay with cash in-person.

The other big limitation is PayNearMe deposits are limited to $500 per day. This may be a good thing if you need help keeping your spending under control, but players who are interested in playing for higher stakes will find this method painfully slow when it comes to moving large amounts of money around.

Finally, PayNearMe deposits are sometimes free but often come with a fee ranging from $1.99 to $5.99 per transaction. This probably isn’t a big deal if you’re depositing close to the upper limit, but this is not efficient for smaller deposits. Credit card deposits and bank transfers, by comparison, are always free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s look at the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding PayNearMe. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, the best people to contact would be your betting site’s customer support team.

PayNearMe is likely the safest deposit method on the market right now because it is entirely cash-based. At no point in the entire deposit process do you ever have to pull out your credit card, share your bank account number or reveal other personal financial details.

PayNearMe enforces a maximum deposit limit of $500 per day.

PayNearMe fees vary based on location and amount deposited but can range from $0 on the low end to as much as $5.99 per transaction. According to 888 USA, 70% of PayNearMe deposits are assessed a fee of $1.99.

PayNearMe notifies operators and requires real-time approval from them before accepting payments. The mere fact that the cashier accepted your cash is evidence your deposit was successful.

You’ll also be given a receipt documenting the transaction in case there are any issues with your betting site crediting your account. Additionally, you can check your payment status here.

Your PayNearMe deposit should be credited to your gaming account by the time you get home.

PayNearMe only accepts cash for online gaming. People who use PayNearMe for other purposes such as paying bills can fund their transactions with a credit or debit card, but all deposits made to betting sites must be funded with cash.

No. PayNearMe is only used for deposits. When you’re ready to withdraw your winnings, you’ll need to choose a different payout method. Some of the most popular withdrawal methods are electronic bank transfer, paper check in the mail or receiving cash in person at the nearest brick-and-mortar casino associated with your betting site.