AmWager is a licensed racing betting site headquartered in the United States and in operation since 2009. Today, AmWager accepts wagers on nearly 500 tracks from around the world covering upwards of 1,000 races per day.


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AmWager was established in 2009 to offer online racing betting as a legal, licensed and US-based business. accepts wagers on horse and greyhound races alike and provide a variety of tools to help casual and serious handicappers alike. Cash rewards on most wagers make AmWager particularly attractive for frequent bettors.


  • Valuable cash back rewards system
  • Extensive handicapping tools
  • Access to high-paying Colossus Jackpots
  • Live racing video and complete past results always available


  • Does not accept credit and debit card deposits

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AmWager Info

  • Betting Site: AmWager
  • Website:
  • Established: 2009
  • Country: USA
  • Support: Phone and e-mail
  • Deposit Bonus: $500

Types of racing betting offered at AmWager include:

  • Thoroughbred races
  • Standardbred races
  • Quarter horse races
  • Greyhound races
  • Virtual horse racing betting

Recently, AmWager has introduced new features and upgraded existing capabilities in order to appeal more directly to serious horse racing fans. Some of these changes include launching advanced handicapping tools, providing significantly faster updates on odds and pool changes and giving customers complete access to results, replays, odds and more with a no-deletion policy.

As a site representative once noted, AmWager customers see odds and pool changes up to two minutes faster than they would anywhere else. Other features such as ABC wagering, improved conditional wagering and Dutch wagering are all provided in one location – which is something no other ADW matches.

Speaking of site representatives, one thing AmWager does that other racing betting sites do not is frequently interact with actual customers on public discussion forums. AmWager representatives often pop into horse racing forums, provide updates on product development and ask customers for feedback. This comes across as a transparent betting site interested in building relationships with its customers. also provides access to exchange pools and Colossus Jackpots that provide some of the biggest payouts in all of racing. We will discuss these features and more in detail throughout the remainder of this AmWager review.

AmWager parent company AmWest Entertainment LLC is open to customers from 27 states and is licensed by eight separate racing authorities:

  • Oregon Racing Commission
  • South Dakota Commission on Gaming
  • Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
  • New York State Racing and Wagering Board
  • Idaho Racing Commission
  • Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
  • Montana Board of Horse Racing
  • Indiana Horse Racing Commission

AmWager Bonus

Up to $500 for New Customers

The AmWager welcome bonus offers 10% back on all exotic and win bets made during your first 30 days for up to $500 back.

No promo code is needed to claim this bonus. Just sign up for an account and place wagers as normal. After 30 days, AmWager will deposit 10% of your wagering activity back to your account in the form of cash. There are no track restrictions or blackout dates.

For example, if you place a total of $4,000 worth of exotic wagers and win bets during your first 30 days as a customer, AmWager will drop $400 in your account on the 31st day. This bonus is given in addition to any cash rewards, referrals and other win bonuses earned during that time.

Claim Your Bonus Today at:

Cash Rewards Program

AmWager runs a straightforward cash rewards program that pays a percentage of your wagering activity on most bet types back into your account every day. There are no points to track or complicated VIP systems – you simply earn cash back on most wagers whether they win or lose.

The more active you are, the bigger the cashback percentage. There are five reward levels based on your monthly volume that offer the following maximum cash back percentages:

Rewards LevelMonthly Minimum Wagering Volume to QualifyCash Back Percentage
Bronze$02% cash back
Silver$5003% cash back
Gold$2,0004% cash back
Platinum$5,0005% cash back
Titanium$80,000 per yearCustom deal

Refer-a-Friend Program

You can refer your friends to AmWager by logging in to your account for a custom referral link. Send that link to your friends to get $25 for every friend who signs up and places $100 worth of wagers. Each friend will also get a $25 instant wagering credit just for signing up for a chance to try the site risk-free.

  • You get: $25 wagering bonus after your friend wagers $100
  • Your referral gets: $25 no-deposit bonus after signing up for an account

AmWager Betting Features

One of AmWager’s primary selling points is its suite of advanced wagering and handicapping features. These features offer more than mere convenience; most are designed specifically to help handicappers increase their ROI.

Below are brief overviews of each key feature. Some of these features are fairly advanced and may throw off casual bettors, but the AmWager website provides an in-depth guide to each under the “how to” tab.

AmWager introduced the ABC wagering tool in 2017 for customers wanting to employ the ABC wagering method. This allows users to structure their multi-leg wagers such that the strongest combinations are weighted more heavily for a more efficient wager.

Conditional wagering is not unique to AmWager, but the level of control provided here is beyond what we have seen with other ADWs.

Most notably, AmWager checks conditional wagers every 10 seconds and if the conditions are met, your wager is booked. This results in way fewer missed opportunities compared to the way it’s done at most other betting sites, which is to only check one time at the MTP time specified.

AmWager also supports multiple condition wagers. This allows the user to set a range of odds at which the wager should be booked, for example.

The basic idea behind Dutch betting is to pick two or more horses and organize the wager in such a way that the payout is roughly the same no matter which horse wins. The basic idea is to weight each wager for an equal payout rather than betting exactly the same on every horse despite them going off at different odds as is the case when placing a standard box bet.

AmWager supports Dutch wagering with a built-in calculator that allows users to select the desired payout or risk. The calculator then builds a wager that meets the desired criteria without the user having to run those calculations by hand.

Rank betting allows customers to choose multiple runners, rank them from best to worst and set a budget. The AmWager system will then calculate the optimal combinations for your ticket without exceeding your budget.

This feature takes rank betting one step further by allowing users to set percentage odds for each runner. AmWager will then calculate the optimal combinations based on your budget.

The AmWager TRU Odds feature shows an aggregated odds line drawing on live odds and every available pool to give users an improved odds display that can show underlays and overlays better than win odds alone.

Exchange pools give horseplayers a chance to win some of the biggest payouts in all of racing by placing two trifectas across two consecutive races. The winners of the first trifecta are paid a portion of the first pool plus exchange credits that can be redeemed to place trifectas into the second “carryover” pool. Any successful trifectas in the second race win a portion of the pool, which is often good for a substantial payout.

AmWager supports Twin Trifectas, Tri Supers, Super Supers and Big Quinellas if offered by the host track. Exchange pools were once limited to in-person and phone-in wagers, but AmWager is now able to offer these wagers to online customers.

The AmWager interface provides fair value exacta grids that show which exacta wagers have been over bet or under bet based on the win pool.

Combinations shown in green have been under bet and therefore pay more than they should based on the win odds. Meanwhile, combinations shown in red have been over bet and therefore pay less than they should.

This feature shows users at a glance which wagers offer value and which wagers should be reconsidered.

AmWager customers can set favorite tracks and then sort them in real time based on a variety of preferences. All favorite tracks are accessible throughout the wager pad and users may add an unlimited number of favorite tracks.

Advanced bettors can create CSV files and upload them to the system for bulk wagering. File uploads can be used to submit any number of wagers, set conditions and more. This feature is not for the faint of heart as CSV files must be properly formatted, but AmWager provides a detailed guide under the “how to” menu.

AmWager maintains a comprehensive past results database for every race ever available through the platform. Users can research how their horses have done in the past, view head-to-head matchups, see payouts and pools for past races and more. Additionally, these results are maintained indefinitely – AmWager does not delete or archive past results.

AmWager provides live racing video for almost every track and maintains a database of past racing video that can be searched by date and breed or a horse’s name.

Colossus Jackpots from Irish and UK horse racing are now available on the AmWager platform. These jackpots offer a unique combination of features not often found in the US, including the ability to form syndicates with other bettors in order to spread the risk and increase each player’s odds of winning a payout.

Some Colossus Jackpots provide significant consolation prizes for those who barely miss the full jackpot. Occasionally, users are presented with an early cashout offer while their wagers are still in play. Taking this option allows the user to cash in all or part of their outstanding wagers for a reduced but guaranteed payout.

AmWager Interface

The AmWager interface is feature-rich but not always easy for novice bettors to navigate. To begin with its strengths, the AmWager interface provides an extensive array of tools, stats and features that give an edge to the handicapper. We have not yet found a competing site with this many features all wrapped into one betting platform.

On the other hand, is not as newbie-friendly as some of the other racing betting sites. Navigation is not always intuitive, and it may take some time for users to fully understand how everything works. To be fair, it is no small task to organize this many types of wagers and other tools into a single website.

Tools and certain menu items are not often clearly labeled, which in our experience leads to quite a bit of switching back and forth between the wager paid and FAQ section.

That being said, AmWager is in the process of designing a second interface that will run side-by-side with the current interface. An AmWager rep was kind of enough to give us a sneak preview of and it looks like a very slick interface complete with embedded video and a simpler wagering area.

We managed to snag some screenshots from the upcoming interface, but we should note these are still very much a work in progress and any number of changes are possible between now and its debut.

Other racing betting sites offer sleek interfaces and easier navigation, but AmWager offers the most features we have seen at an online racebook to date and the pending redesign looks very promising.

Website Screenshots

New Interface Preview

Note – these screenshots are from an interface that is still in progress. Some things are bound to change before the new interface goes live.

AmWager Mobile

AmWager does not offer a native mobile app through the iOS or Android app stores, but the site itself is installable as a progressive web app (PWA). The PWA AmWager app offers the same functionality as a native app would, including access to all tracks, types of wagers and live racing video.

We tested the AmWager app on iOS and installed it after visiting from an iPhone, logging in and selecting the “install app” option from the menu. A popup prompted us to tap the share button on our browser and select “add to home screen.” We did as instructed and the app was installed instantly.

Although this is not a native iOS app, we could tell no difference in terms of form or function. The AmWager app works quickly and navigation is straightforward.

Mobile Screenshots

Virtual Horse Racing Betting

In early 2020, AmWager launched virtual horse racing betting for customers in all accepted states except Kentucky and New York.

The AmWager virtual racing betting platform is based on a database of 100,000 previously run races at Tampa Bay Downs, Palm Beach and Derby Lane. The outcome of every race is true to history, except each runner starts from a different position to create a unique experience for every race.

Virtual racing gives AmWager customers the opportunity to bet on past races and have a unique betting experience even if racing isn’t available at a certain track. All wagers placed online are pooled in standard parimutuel fashion to recreate the actual race day experience.

After all wagers have been placed, the historic race is streamed online with computer generated video and commentary to reflect the alternative starting positions as opposed to simply replaying old racing video. The end result is a horse racing experience that is unique, but still legal because it is based on actual past races.

Virtual Racing Screenshots

AMWager Deposit Methods

AmWager has an interesting mix of deposit methods. This was the first licensed racing betting site to be authorized to accept Bitcoin deposits, but it is also the only mainstream site that does not yet accept credit or debit card deposits.

The lack of credit and debit card deposits is a major shortcoming for obvious reasons. We spoke to an AmWager support rep and asked about that. He told us AmWager wants to accept credit and debit cards but has been waiting for over two years for its current payment processor to give the green light.

The current list of accepted methods includes:

  • ACH / eCheck: This is the best alternative to credit and debit cards – if you have a checking account, you can simply select the ACH option to have funds instantly transferred from your bank account to your AmWager account.
  • Wire Transfer: Wire transfers work a bit like ACH transfers but require you to visit your bank in-person and usually come with hefty fees. The wire transfer option is best reserved for very large deposits.
  • Green Dot: AmWager accepts Green Dot MoneyPak and At The Register deposits for anyone interested in funding their account with physical cash paid at your nearest Green Dot location (CVS, Dollar General, 7-Eleven and other similar retailers).
  • PayNearMe: This is another cash-based deposit method that works similarly to Green Dot. Selecting PayNearMe will give you a pay slip that you can then take to the nearest PayNearMe location to pay with cash. Your account will be credited shortly after.
  • Bitcoin: AmWager added Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash functionality via BitPay in 2018.
  • PayGarden: PayGarden is a deposit method that allows you to use gift cards from other major retailers to fund your AmWager account. An AmWager rep informed us the conversion fee does not make it worth going out and buying a gift card just to make a deposit, but that it does come in handy if you have unused gift cards to retailers that don’t interest you.

Accepted States

AmWager accepts customers from the following states:

MontanaNew HampshireNew MexicoNew York
North DakotaOhioOklahomaOregon
Rhode IslandSouth DakotaTennesseeVermont
West VirginiaWisconsinWyoming