Welcome to the most complete collection of legal betting site reviews in the USA. We monitor and report on online gambling developments and add new sportsbook reviews on a regular basis.

The United States is undergoing a massive expansion in online sports betting and gambling, and new sports betting sites are launching all the time. We move quickly to study, research, and review legal betting sites as new operators launch.

Longstanding federal laws and recent developments on the legislative front have opened new opportunities for online gaming and sports betting.

All online betting sites reviewed or recommended at BettingUSA.com are licensed and legal right here in the United States.

It’s important to note each state in the USA has its own set of laws. A patchwork of federal and state laws results in some US betting sites being legal in some states but not in others.

Two of our other key missions here at BettingUSA.com are to explain the gaming laws of every US state in plain English and then to recommend betting sites and apps that are legal in each state.

You can see which betting sites are legal in your state by clicking here and choosing your state or by visiting any of the following reviews for a list of states from which they accept customers.

Online Sports Betting Reviews

Now that online sports betting is legal at the federal level and in a growing number of states, mobile online sportsbooks are springing up across the country.

Many online sportsbooks are run by recognized US startups while other sports betting apps are operated by experienced players on the international stage.

Each operator brings a unique mix of experience and knowledge of the market, which means sports bettors have no shortage of choices. Our online sports betting reviews are intended to help bettors find the right mobile online sportsbook by providing an in-depth look at each sportsbook app and the value of every bonus offer.

See the betting site reviews below for an introduction to every legal betting site that has launched in the US to date.

Each licensed sportsbook review contains up to date information about the company’s history in gaming, states and licenses, available sports markets, and types of wagers offered. Our editors take an in depth look at the quality of all mobile betting apps, current promotional offers, and clear explanations of bonus terms and conditions.

Betting Site Comparisons

Online Horse Racing Betting Reviews

Below are our reviews of all the country’s mainstream horse racing betting sites. Our editors write horse racing reviews from a standpoint of giving the facts upfront and keeping opinion to a minimum.

Each racebook review listed below explains the origins of each horse racing betting site, in which states it operates, which tracks it covers and what additional tools are available for serious handicappers.

Our horse racing betting reviews are intended to be comprehensive in nature while remaining as neutral as possible.

Daily Fantasy Sports Reviews

All of our DFS app reviews are written with the number one goal being to provide an unbiased and realistic explanation of what to expect.

We discuss how each daily fantasy site operates, what makes it unique and everything else you need to know before you sign up and deposit your hard-earned money.

FanDuel and DraftKings certainly dominate the daily fantasy industry, but they are far from the only options available to sports fans. In addition to the “Big Two,” numerous smaller operators are open for business with unique types of contests and/or focuses on specific sports.

Gambling Site Reviews

Our focus is on reviewing sportsbooks, racebooks, and dfs apps – but we also review all types of online gambling sites that are accessible in the USA. We also review online casinos, poker sites, and even lotteries.

Below you’ll find a list of online betting site reviews for every gambling company licensed to operate in the United States, displayed alphabetically from A-Z. 

Operators listed below are not necessarily endorsed by BettingUSA.com

Play at your own risk and be sure to consult any relevant local laws and regulations pertaining to each market in your state of residence.

Safety is guaranteed at licensed online gambling sites thanks to strong regulatory oversight, but all sports betting sites and wagering apps have pros and cons.

Our informative sportsbook reviews aim to help you find legal gambling websites tailored to your personal preferences that operate legally in the state you are located in. To that end, we review every licensed operator with a close eye to detail.

Our betting app reviews are comprehensive by design but unbiased with the goal being to give you the information you need to make an informed decision of where to bet online.

What to Expect from Our Betting Site Reviews

BettingUSA is committed to providing reviews of legal betting sites that are unbiased and focused on information rather than promotional in nature.

We aim to provide straightforward information so you can make a decision on which betting apps to download and signup for based on facts, not on opinion.

With that in mind, each of our sports betting site reviews is structured to provide background information and licensing details of each operator.

Each review dives into all the unique details at each online sportsbook. Our sportsbook app reviews discuss the average quality of odds offered, welcome bonuses and promotions, accepted deposit methods, average payout speed, and the states in which each betting site is active.

We also discuss state-specific considerations for each sportsbook.

For example, we note the states in which each operator has partnerships in place with local casinos to operate retail sportsbooks. The ultimate goal is to make every one of our betting site reviews comprehensive in nature so you can make a fully informed decision prior to signing up and depositing.

Earning the BettingUSA Seal of Approval

The BettingUSA seal of approval marks legal online betting sites that are confirmed to be licensed, safe, reputable and responsible operators in the states they operate in.

BettingUSA discusses, reviews and provides updates on all legal online sports betting operators in the United States. If an operator is approved in any US jurisdiction, BettingUSA has either already reviewed that operator or will do so soon as a resource to readers across the country.

However, even in the regulated US market, quality among operators is far from uniform and not all earn the BettingUSA seal of approval.

BettingUSA only issues its seal of approval to operators that meet or exceed the following criteria:

BettingUSA.com only reviews or recommends licensed betting websites and mobile sportsbook apps.

Sports betting is a highly regulated activity in the United States and all operators must have the blessing of the state gaming commission (or equivalent) in every state in which they operate.

Betting sites that operate in the US without proper licensing violate multiple state and federal laws in doing so.

On the other hand, sportsbook operators that are properly licensed provide a sense of security in knowing that they have been vetted by regulators for financial security, adherence to consumer protection regulations and more.

Most states with legal online betting maintain an active list of licensed operators on the state’s gaming regulator website. BettingUSA attempts to verify the licensing status of every operator in nearly every state.

Although a valid sports betting license is a strong indicator of a clean reputation, it is not a guarantee of consumer-friendly conduct or player-friendly policies.

In addition to verifying each operator’s licensing status, BettingUSA investigates the background of every sports betting site with special attention paid to:

  • Sanctions resulting from past violations of gaming regulations
  • Average withdrawal processing times – how quickly winners are paid
  • Volume of customer complaints: complaints filed with regulators or posted to social media
  • Operator’s history in other regulated markets, both domestically and abroad

BettingUSA is committed to responsible gambling as a co-founder of the 1% Initiative in partnership with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).

The online sports betting industry is exciting and rewarding, but BettingUSA understands the risks and challenges presented by problem gambling. As such, BettingUSA only issues its seal of approval to operators that place a similar level of importance on responsible gambling.

Mobile sports betting operators play a critical role in advancing problem gambling, and they can support the cause with simple but effective safeguards such as:

  • Easy-to-implement features that allow customers to set limits regarding how much they deposit or wager and how long they may be logged in to their betting apps and accounts
  • Internal policies that monitor for signs of problem gambling such as recent increases in betting volume, uncharacteristically large deposits, and reaching out to customers who may display signs of a potential gambling problem
  • Voluntary self-exclusion programs that allow customers to close their wagering accounts temporarily or permanently and opt out of promotional communications (e-mail, text, etc.)
  • Easy-to-access problem gambling resources for customers in each state

Sports betting law in the US does not directly order betting sites to provide quality customer support. Minimum standards regarding dispute resolution apply in some states, but generally this aspect of operations is left to each sports betting companies appetite for providing quality customer support.

Therefore, BettingUSA takes customer support into consideration when evaluating sportsbook sites and apps for a seal of approval. At a minimum, all betting sites we reccomend must provide two of the following contact methods, and respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

  • 24/7 e-mail support
  • Live chat during business hours
  • Phone support during business hours
  • Respond to inquiries within 24 hours
  • US-based customer support

US betting sites must provide a minimum level of technical security to earn the BettingUSA seal of approval. Certain security measures (such as locking one’s computer when away) are the responsibility of the customer but some are the responsibility of the operator.

At a minimum, betting websites must provide encrypted SSL communication. That means the sportsbook operates on a domain that begins with https rather than http, indicating communications between the customer and sportsbook are encrypted.

Even better are sportsbooks that offer voluntary two-factor authentication (2FA) login security.

When two-factor authorization is enabled, customers either download a specialized authenticator app or receive a text message that displays a unique, one-time-use code to be used when logging in. This protects customer accounts, even in the case of a compromised password.

Even if a betting site follows the letter of the law, terms and conditions can make or break a customer’s experience. BettingUSA only issues its seal of approval to gambling operators that refrain from enforcing unreasonable terms and conditions such as:

  • Large minimum withdrawal amounts that make it difficult for small stakes bettors to claim their winnings
  • Excessive, complicated, or deceptive bonus wagering requirements
  • Predatory “dormant account” clauses in which sportsbooks reserve the right to close customers’ accounts and seize their funds without ample notice
  • Any other terms and conditions that BettingUSA deems predatory