FOX Bet Review

FOX Bet is the product of a joint venture formed by FOX Sports and The Stars Group in May 2019 to offer online and mobile sports betting in the regulated US market.

The FOX Bet mobile app launched for New Jersey customers in August 2019 and for Pennsylvania customers the following month. has also outlined an aggressive expansion campaign that will take it to additional states as sports betting legislation rolls out across the country.

As a part of the partnership agreement formed between the two industry giants, existing Stars Group betting site BetStars NJ has been re-skinned as FOX Bet moving forward. Existing BetStars customers may still login with their same information and will find almost everything is exactly the same other than the color scheme and branding.

Currently, FOX Bet offers sports betting, in-play wagering, casino games and poker all under one brand at


$20 Free + 100% up to $10018/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply


FOX Bet launched in August 2019 as a collaborative effort between FOX Sports and The Stars Group. In-play betting, broadcast commentary and a full range of mobile betting options.


  • Operated as a joint effort between two reputable sports companies
  • Integrated betting commentary through FOX Sports
  • Able to provide a unique in-play betting experience


  • Mobile app hangs often
  • Customer support only provided via "contact us" form

Overall Rating

Reputation and Licensing

Variety of Bet Types Offered

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Ease of Use

FOX Bet Info

FOX Bet is a bit late to the game in New Jersey, but the massive reach enjoyed by FOX Sports combined with the technical and marketing expertise of The Stars Group should make Fox Bet a formidable competitor in no time. In fact, those core strengths should give FOX Bet an advantage in every state it enters moving forward, Pennsylvania included.

A strong marketing position may be good for business, but does that translate to a positive customer experience as well? Today, we seek to answer that question and more with an in-depth FOX Bet review.

Introducing FOX Bet

FOX Bet is a relatively new entrant in the sports betting market without an extensive history like many of its competitors. However, FOX Sports and The Stars Group are both known entities in their respective fields.

FOX Sports, of course, is one of the country’s major sports broadcasting and media companies. It serves as the sports-oriented division of parent company FOX Corporation and manages TV channels (FS1 and FS2 among others), digital media assets and more. According to FOX Sports, the brand can reach more than 100 million viewers in a single weekend through its various media assets.

The Stars Group is the brand behind famed poker site PokerStars, which attained prominence in the US market as the biggest poker site back before online poker was even legal in the US.

PokerStars got into a bit of trouble for its role in the unregulated US market, but has since cleared its bad name with US authorities and since reentered the United States as a licensed NJ gaming site under the BetStars brand.

In states with legal sports betting, FOX Bet seeks to enter the market with a full-fledged sports betting platform. The focus seems to be on online and mobile betting, but it would not be the least bit surprising to see FOX Bet launch retail sportsbooks in some states.

More About the FOX Sports and Stars Group Partnership

FOX Sports and The Stars Group (TSG) jumped straight into a deeply intertwined, long-term relationship with the partnership announced in 2019. Both companies stand to gain in significant ways through the partnership that should yield major dividends for each.

For its part, FOX Sports has acquired a 5% stake in TSG stock at a value of roughly $236 million. FOX Sports also receives “certain brand license, integration and affiliate fees” through the partnership. Thus, FOX Sports has become the first major media company in the United States to directly enter the sports betting business.

The Stars Group, meanwhile, gains an extremely powerful partner in terms of marketing reach. Under the agreement, TSG will be able to reach hundreds of millions of highly qualified sports fans through the FOX Sports network. This includes “exclusive advertising and editorial integration rights on certain FOX Sports broadcast media and digital assets.”

Imagine, for example, a FOX Sports broadcast discussing tonight’s baseball game while also mentioning the latest betting odds and recommending viewers to visit FOX Bet to place their in-game wagers. TSG and FOX Sports both have an incredible opportunity to capture a large slice of the increasingly competitive legal sports betting market.

TSG has also gained “exclusive license to use certain FOX Sports trademarks” as a part of its marketing efforts. The commercial agreement is set to last for up to 25 years and FOX Sports will also have the right to acquire up to a 50% stake in The Stars Group’s US business subject to certain conditions.

FOX Sports Super 6 Predictions Game

Back in May 2019, FOX Bet and The Stars Group announced they would be launching a free predictions game across the country for people who live in states that have not yet legalized sports betting.

The game was formally introduced as FOX Sports Super 6 in September 2019 just in time for the NFL season. The basic idea behind the game is simple: fans across the country can download the app and make predictions regarding the winning team and margin of victory or answer questions resembling prop-style wagers such as the method of the first score.

Because all Super 6 contests are free to enter, customers from 49 states are eligible to enter. The only requirements are that that customers be at least 18 years old and not located in Washington State.

Super 6 games are designed for simplicity; each game launched to date asks users six questions in total. These are not fantasy games with complicated lineups to draft. You either predict the winner of the game and margin of victory using a slider under each matchup or answer a series of straightforward multiple-choice questions.

Users who get every prediction correct stand to win payouts as high as $250,000. If no one gets every answer correct, the game pays fixed amounts to the players who got the most answers or predictions correct.

Super 6 games are offered for various sports depending on the season. During the last football season, for example, Super 6 held these games:

  • NFL Sunday: Pick the outcomes and margins of victory for six NFL games to win up to $250,000
  • Thursday Night Football: Answer six multiple-choice questions about the evening’s game to win a share of the guaranteed prize pool
  • College Football Saturday: Pick the outcomes and margins of victory for six college football games to collect a share of the guaranteed prize pool

You can try these games for free by searching for the Super 6 app in the App Store for iOS devices, Google Play Store for Android devices or by heading to

Super 6 Screenshots

FOX Bet Mobile App

The FOX Bet mobile app is now live in New Jersey for iOS and Android devices.

If you had any prior experience on the BetStars mobile app in New Jersey, you already know what to expect as this is the very same app with a different logo on top.

For everyone else, the best way to describe the FOX Bet mobile app is easy on the eyes and intuitive as is custom for anything designed by The Stars Group. The app is also quite feature-rich when it comes to in-play betting with live stats, scoring updates and visual depictions of what’s happening all integrated into the mobile platform.

Two things that could stand to improve, however, are load times and labels. During testing, we found the FOX Bet app would appear to hang for a good 20 seconds with no loading or waiting indicators.

This can be confusing because it gives the impression a particular game has zero or just a few betting markets when in reality the page is just trying to load. There were a couple times where we actually though FOX Bet just wasn’t offering many markets on a particular game and were just about to back out of page when everything finally loaded at once.

What we mean by labels is there are certain things on the app not properly labeled that only add to the confusion. For example, visiting many in-play betting markets brings up a blank page where the live stats should be with only a message stating “Tournament not licensed” and no further explanation.

The labeling issues will probably be resolved in time as FOX Bet gets its bearings and are no big deal, but FOX Bet really needs to get a handle on the loading times immediately. The slow loads are frequent enough and lengthy enough to make it actually frustrating as a user.


FOX Bet Bonus

$20 Free + 100% up to $100

FOX Bet offers a two-part welcome bonus to all new customers. First, you can get a $20 no-deposit bonus for signing up and verifying your account. All you need to do is sign up for an account and then go through the verification process, which will include verifying the last four of your social as required by state law.

Second, you can get an extra 100% up to $100 added to your first deposit. This bonus matches your first deposit dollar for dollar to give you up to $100 extra. For example, a first deposit of $50 will get you $50 on top of that.

Both bonuses are issued as site credit only and may not be withdrawn. Additionally, each bonus must be rolled over one time at minimum odds of -200. For example, if you claim the $20 no-deposit bonus and get an extra $50 on your first deposit, you will need to place $70 worth of wagers at odds of -200, -110, +150 and so on before withdrawing any winnings.

Claim Your Bonus Today at:

Other Promotions

The experience of The Stars Group combined with the marketing budget of FOX Sports is evident the wide array of ongoing promotions offered to new and existing customers alike. These promotions are bound to change from time to time, but the following examples of recent promos should provide an accurate preview of what you can expect as a customer.

  • Cris Carter’s Bet Boost Call: FOX Sports’ own Cris Carter introduces a new bet boost offer every Monday night after analyzing the MNF game on FS1. Each Monday, he’ll make the call on a specific wager to receive enhanced odds.
  • Rachel’s Double Up Bet Boost: Every Tuesday, Rachel Bonnetta of Lock It In selects one wager to receive enhanced odds to a double-up payout.
  • The Wright Bet Boost: Every Wednesday, Nick Wright of First Things First uses his knowledge of the game to come up of the parlay of the day. FOX Bet will then boost the odds on that play.
  • Custom Sal’s Money Back Special: Every Thursday, Cousin Sal comes up with a custom bet that FOX backs up with a $25 free bet rebate if it loses.
  • Lock It In Bet Boost: Every Friday, Lock It In discusses the best betting opportunities and comes up with the day’s best parlay. FOX Bet will then offer enhanced odds on that play.
  • Colin Cowherd’s Marquee 3 Super Boost: Every Saturday, Colin Cowherd makes three against-the-spread college football picks. If he gets them all right, FOX Bet will boost the payouts to give you a much bigger payout than normal.
  • Clay Travis Blood Bank Bet Boost: Every Saturday, Clay Travis makes a pick and bets a pint of his own blood on the outcome while FOX Bet boosts the odds for everyone else.
  • Colin Cowherd’s Blazin 5 Super Boost: Every Sunday, Colin Cowherd makes five against-the-spread NFL picks and you can bet on him having a winning week. If three or more teams cover the spread, the bet is a winner and you double your money.
  • Charissa Thompson’s Custom Bet Boost: Every Sunday, Charissa comes up with a custom wager and FOX Bet makes it happen along with an odds boost.

In-Play Betting Review

The website and mobile app both support in-play betting with a wide range of events covered in real time. The focus is on the major North American sports, but FOX Bet also provides a large number of in-play markets on soccer games from domestic leagues around the world.

Types of in-play wagers include a standard variety of game result outcomes at updated odds, shorter-term wagers such as the next team to score, winner at the half and more along those lines. “Flash bet” style wagers such as the outcome of the next play or at-bat are not yet offered at FOX Bet.

FOX Bet also provides a handy service for customers during in-play betting to protect against last-second odds changes. As an FAQ page on the FOX Bet website notes, the odds changes can be quite dynamic during a fast-paced game and this can result in the odds changing sharply between the time you select your bet and the point at which you actually place the wager.

If the odds move against you during that short interval, FOX Bet will notify you before the wager is placed so you can decide if you still want to take the bet at those odds. If the odds move in your favor, the bet will be placed as normal at the higher price. You also have the option to change your preferences so that odds chances in any direction prompt a confirmation notice before the bet is placed.

The FOX Bet in-play interface also provides an in-depth view of what’s happening in the game at all times with live scoring, live stats, recent betting trends involving each team and a play-by-play calling feature that serves as a handy backup for users who aren’t near a TV.

With the power of FOX Sports behind it, we may eventually see FOX Bet introduce live streaming of certain sports embedded within the app and website itself. FOX Sports officials have already described a future business model involving deeply integrated sports broadcasts with in-play betting. It does not take much imagination to consider one day being able to watch live streams through the FOX Bet app complete with betting commentary while you consider your in-play wagers.

In-Play Screenshots

Types of Deposit Methods Accepted by FOX Bet

FOX Bet accepts all the most common types of deposit methods, including options for cash and electronic transfers. The full list includes:

  • Instant eCheck: Send money straight from your bank account to your betting account. Your bank will not be drafted immediately, but your FOX Bet account will be credited instantly.
  • PayPal: PayPal is the most widely used e-wallet in the world and can be used for deposits and withdrawals alike. As an added benefit, your PayPal account can be used to keep your betting bankroll separate from the rest of your money.
  • Skrill: Skrill is another electronic wallet that can be used to store funds, make deposits and receive payouts.
  • Visa and Mastercard: FOX Bet accepts Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card deposits
  • Instant Online Banking: Use your bank account’s online bill pay feature to authorize a deposit to your FOX Bet account. Deposits are authorized at your bank’s website using your existing online banking login, so you do not need to share your banking info with FOX Bet.
  • PayNearMe: This deposit method allows you to fund your account with actual cash. When you choose PayNearMe and pick an amount to deposit, you’ll be given a pay slip you can either print off or save to your phone. Take your pay slip to the nearest 7-Eleven and pay the cashier with cash to fund your account.
  • Resorts Cage: Visit the cashier at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City to fund your FOX Bet account with cash. You’ll need to bring your account info, a photo ID and confirm the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Play+ Card: The Play+ Card is a prepaid Discover card that you can use to make deposits at BetStars, to make purchases anywhere Discover is accepted and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

State by State Operations

FOX Bet is a new entrant in the online betting industry and will be expanding quickly with FOX Sports and The Stars Group each bringing key skills to the table. Since launching, FOX Bet has formed multiple partnerships with operators across the US to foster a fast expansion plan.

Most notably was a partnership between The Stars Group and Penn National. Under the terms of that partnership, Penn National will provide markets access to The Stars Group through Penn National properties in nine states.

The Stars Group also has a deal in place with Eldorado Resorts that covers eleven states in which Eldorado operates casinos. That deal gives The Stars Group market access to offer online sports betting and gambling in partnership with existing Eldorado in those states, provided the right legislation is passed.

Between those partnership and others with individual casinos, The Stars Group (and FOX Bet by extension) have gained access to as many as 20 states depending on legislative developments.

FOX Bet New Jersey

The Stars Group currently operates in New Jersey through a license held by Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. FOX Bet originally operated under the BetStars name in New Jersey, but rebranded to its current name in 2019 after the partnership between The Stars Group and FOX Sports was finalized.

FOX Bet Pennsylvania

FOX Bet came to Pennsylvania through a partnership The Stars Group reached with Mount Airy Casino in Mount Pocono last year. The Gaming Control Board (PGCB) signed off on the partnership and has since given the green light to launch for PA customers.

FOX Bet New York

FOX Bet will also be launching sports betting in New York through a partnership reached with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe for the Mohawk Casino in Hogansburg. The deal will have FOX Bet manage a retail sportsbook on casino property and includes online and mobile betting if legalized in New York.

FOX Bet Illinois

The Stars Group partnership with Penn National provides a pathway for FOX Bet to enter the Illinois market. Penn National operates four casinos in Illinois and will be able to operate up to four individual betting sites under the state’s new sports betting law.

Additionally, the deal between The Stars Group and Eldorado Resorts coves Illinois as well. Eldorado operates the Grand Victory Casino in Elgin, IL.

FOX Bet Iowa

In Iowa, FOX Bet has access through the deal with parent company The Stars Group and Eldorado Resorts.

Isle Casino Bettendorf and Isle Casino Waterloo are both Eldorado properties, but both have already partnered with William Hill to launch retail sportsbooks and online betting. However, Iowa law allows each casino to operate up to two unique betting sites, which still leaves room for FOX Bet.

FOX Bet Indiana

Penn National also operates in Indiana and has agreed to give The Stars Group market access through its existing operations there. Indiana legalized sports betting in 2019 and both Penn National casinos have already received sportsbook licenses.

FOX Bet also has access to Indiana through the Eldorado/Stars Group partnership reached in 2018. In Indiana, Eldorado Resorts operates Tropicana Evansville.

FOX Bet West Virginia

West Virginia legalized retail sportsbooks and online betting in 2018. FOX Bet has access to the market through the partnership agreement between The Stars Group and Eldorado Resorts, although there is no word on an impending launch as of today.

Eldorado Resorts already has a partnership in place with William Hill to manage the retail sportsbook at Mountaineer Casino, but WV law allows each land-based casino to operate up to three individually-branded betting apps.


FOX Bet may enter Colorado through its deal with Eldorado Resorts, which operates two casinos in Black Hawk. The sports betting issue in Colorado will soon be decided by voters through a public referendum to be held in November 2019. If voters approve the referendum, Colorado casinos will be authorized to launch retail sportsbooks and mobile betting apps.


Sports betting has an uphill battle in Florida due to a complicated political situation involving casino operators, tribal groups and politicians who all see the issue differently. If everyone is able to get on the same page and pass a bill to authorize mobile betting, FOX Bet may be able to enter Florida through the Stars/Eldorado deal.


If Kansas legalizes sports betting (which looks likely based on previous attempts to pass legislation to that effect), FOX Bet will have access to the Kansas market through its agreement with Penn National if the right legislation is passed. Penn National operates Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway.


Louisiana has been toying with the idea of sports betting recently and something could very well happen over the next year or so. If and when that happens, FOX Bet has market access through Eldorado Resorts and its three Louisiana casinos.

New Mexico

A handful of tribal casinos have opened sportsbooks in New Mexico without waiting for the state to pass legislation due to existing gaming compacts that were created long ago allowing the tribes to offer all forms of gaming, including sports betting.

Penn National operates a commercial casino in New Mexico and will have to wait until new legislation is passed before opening a sportsbook. If legislation is passed and if that law includes online betting, Penn National has agreed to grant The Stars Group access if operators are allowed to operate multiple betting sites off a single license.


FOX Bet also has a pathway to Maine due to the partnership between The Stars Group and Penn National. The agreement gives The Stars Group “second skin access” to Maine through Hollywood Casino Bangor if a law is passed authorizing a single operator to launch more than one betting site/app.


FOX Bet Massachusetts may become reality at some point if a law is passed legalizing online betting. Massachusetts looks likely to approve sports betting with multiple lawmakers and the governor all in support of the idea. If legislation is approved, FOX Bet may be able to launch online betting in Massachusetts in operation with Penn National. In MA, Penn National runs Plainridge Park Casino.


The odds of sports betting coming to Michigan look very good. The legislature approved a bill recently that made it all the way to the desk of Governor Snyder, who issued a surprise veto at the last minute. Despite the setback, sports betting has a good chance of being legalized at some point.

If that happens, FOX Bet may be able to enter Michigan through the Stars/Penn National agreement.


Mississippi legalized retail sportsbooks in 2018 and may eventually follow that with online betting. There has been no major movement toward online betting as of yet, but the legalization of retail sportsbooks bodes well for online betting in the future.

If MS does legalize online betting, FOX Bet has access through the partnership between Eldorado Resorts and The Stars Group.


Bills to legalize sports betting have been introduced every year in Missouri since the Supreme Court decision, so it seems to be just a matter of time before something is enacted. The deal between The Stars Group and Eldorado Resorts opens a clear path to entry for FOX Bet if and when a law is enacted. Eldorado operates five casinos across the state.


FOX Bet may even enter Nevada at some point through the Eldorado Resorts-Stars Group partnership. In Nevada, Eldorado Resorts operates five casinos and could easily bring FOX Bet on board to manage one or more of its retail sportsbooks and to launch a new mobile app.


There have been some talks of Ohio legalizing sports betting, but movement on the issue has been slow to date. Once again, the deal between The Stars Group and Penn National offers a pathway for FOX Bet to enter the Ohio market depending on the type of legislation that is enacted.

The Stars Group could also launch FOX Bet in Ohio through its partnership with Eldorado Resorts, which operates Scioto Downs in Columbus.


FOX Bet may one day enter the Texas sports betting market if the right legislation is passed due to the deal between The Stars Group and Penn National. However, the odds of Texas passing a bill do not look very good over the short term.

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