The US sports betting landscape could be on the precipice of a paradigm shift now that FOX Bet, a joint venture between FOX Sports and The Stars Group is live in New Jersey (following a rebrand) and Pennsylvania.

Back in May, TSG CEO Rafi Ashkenazi called the just-announced partnership a “first of its kind, fully integrated national media partnership for sports wagering in the US.” With FOX Bet up and running in two states (and could be active in as many as 20 states in the not too distant future) we’re starting to see what that means in practice.

BettingUSA caught up with FOX Bet CEO, Robin Chhabra about the company’s New Jersey rebrand and Pennsylvania launch, and its plans in other US markets.

What Players Can Expect From FOX Bet

BettingUSA: What differences will New Jersey players notice following the changeover from BetStars to FOX Bet?

Robin Chhabra: New Jersey players will not only experience the new look, feel, and personality of FOX Bet but also have access to a totally enhanced experience thanks to the powerful relationship between FOX Sports and The Stars Group.

This is about deep integration; we want to totally transform and enrich the way fans engage in the sports they love. FOX Bet offers access to instant scores, stats, alerts, and odds updates as well as all the latest news, expert insight, and iconic FOX Sports content. Several FOX Sports presenters are featured on FOX Bet and will bring their unique personalities and love for sports right to our customers with a variety of promotions, insights, and activities online.

At the same time, the live sports viewing experience will be enhanced with the integration of betting storylines and information, and the support of the talent on-air. It will be a very symbiotic relationship that is intended to drive engagement, offer more to sports fans, and enrich the live sports viewing experience like never before in the US.

Integration + Engagement = Superior Experience

BUSA: Could you discuss some of the ways you’ll integrate FOX Sports content into the FOX Bet and how you anticipate improving user experience?

Chhabra: We have been and will continue to work extremely closely with the team at FOX Sports. We will work hand in hand each day with the talent and editorial staff and from that create promotions and content linked to the sporting schedule of the day.

Like I said, this relationship runs deep; we want to do all we can to give sports fans more; more knowledge, more strategies, more color, and thrills.

Both our betting and free to play games will be integrated across FOX Sports’ TV schedule, always in a relevant, organic, and engaging way.  We’ve done this before, and we’ve done it well, so given our experience with Sky Betting & Gaming in the UK, we’re coming into this relationship with FOX Sports with the right DNA in place.

While other sports betting operators exist, we anticipate that FOX Bet will transform the market and offer a superior experience.

Pennsylvania Presents Different Challenges and Opportunities

BUSA: What differences do you expect to find between the two markets and how might the differences impact your strategies in the two states?

Chhabra: There are differences between the two markets such as different tax rates and different rules on the types of bets we can offer. However, our strategy is the same – to deliver the best experience out there, by giving customers a fast and intuitive app, easy to understand promotions with eye-catching value on the bets that matter, innovative products and great content and insights from the Hall of Famers and experts at FOX Sports.

We may tailor the content from time to time – perhaps more offers on the Steelers or the Pirates in Pennsylvania compared to New Jersey. But the overarching mission remains the same.

Where Else Will FOX Bet Go Live

BUSA: Your deal with Penn National also provides market access in several other states, including Indiana and Illinois. What are your plans in these two states, and what sort of timeline to launch can we expect?

Chhabra: We have signed market access agreements that provide potential access to 20 states today. We do not comment on license applications, but we are actively working towards having access to operate in all key states and intend to bring a superior experience to sports fans wherever possible.

FOX Bet In a Nutshell

BUSA: What would you like readers to know about FOX Bet?

Chhabra: We think of ourselves as sports first, betting second.

By integrating into FOX Sports’ programming in innovative ways, we expect to increase the reach and engagement of FOX Sports and, in doing so, we hope to increase the reach and engagement of FOX Bet. We want to combine the joy of sport with the fun of placing a small bet on an outcome. We think we look at things differently than our competitors and we hope sports fans in New Jersey and Pennsylvania like our approach.

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