Introducing FOX Sports Super 6

FOX Sports and FOX Bet have introduced a nationwide, free-to-play game called Super 6 offering weekly prizes as high as $250,000 in cash.

Super 6 is open to customers in 49 states (sorry Washington State) and will be hosting three prediction-style games every week for the rest of the football season:

  • Super 6 NFL Sunday
  • Super 6 Thursday Night Football
  • Super 6 College Football Saturday

A FOX Sports press release states a basketball Super 6 game is scheduled to begin in October.

Fans 18 and older and try their luck every week for free by downloading the FOX Sports Super 6 app from the app store or by heading over to

How FOX Super 6 Works

The gist of Super 6 is to answer a series of prediction-style questions related to the day’s football games. The more accurate your predictions, the better your chances of winning a real money payout.

Some of the predictions you might be asked to make cover a range of topics such as the winning team and margin of victory, the game’s point total or which player will have the most rushing yards.

Here’s how each of the three games launched so far works.

Super 6 NFL Sunday

  • Pick the outcome and margin of victory for NFL Sunday games using the slider bar beneath each matchup
  • If you get all six predictions correct, you win the jackpot prize of up to $250,000
  • If no one gets all six correct, FOX Super 6 pays smaller guaranteed cash prizes

Super 6 Thursday Night Football

  • Answer six multiple choice questions about the upcoming NFL game
  • Questions might include the game’s point total, method of first score and more
  • Players who get all the most questions correct split the guaranteed prize pool

Super 6 College Football Saturday

  • Pick the outcome and margin of victory for college football Saturday games using the slider bar beneath each matchup
  • Players who get the most predictions correct win a share of the guaranteed prize pool

Where to Play Super 6 and Who’s Eligible

Super 6 is designed to be simple and easily accessible, which it is. Sports fans who are 18 or older and located in any state except Washington are welcome to play for free each week for a chance to win real money.

A quick search for “Super 6” in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store should return the new app from FOX Sports at the top of the results.

The only information you’ll need to provide to get started is your phone number. This will be confirmed by a verification number sent via text message, but FOX Super 6 does not ask for any other info up front.

“These awesome free-to-play games will get fans closer to the sports they love, competing against FOX Sports stars to win huge prizes,” said The Stars Group Chief Corporate Development Officer and FOX Bet CEO Robin Chhabra in a statement.

“The FOX Sports Super 6 app offers a quick, simple and fun experience that we think sports fans here will love, just like they do in other countries where we run them.”

Super 6 A Proven Customer Acquisition Channel

Super 6 is new to the US but follows a strategy established years ago by Sky Bet. In the UK, Sky TV entered the sports betting business in 2000 in a manner very similar to how FOX Sports is doing it in the US. The Stars Group acquired Sky Bet last year but continues to leverage the Sky name for customers in the UK.

Sky Bet has its own version of Super 6 for soccer that works in an almost identical manner. Super 6 serves to not only spread brand awareness, but also to build a database of potential customers who can later be introduced to sports betting.

FOX Sports has already set the stage for rapid expansion having entered two states in short order in recent weeks. The launch of Super 6 as a nationwide game in the United States sets the stage for further expansion of FOX Bet. As additional states come online, FOX Bet will already have customer databases in those states thanks to Super 6.

As gambling industry strategist Brendan Tennelly noted in May, the launch of Super 6 also follows a model successfully established by FanDuel and DraftKings:

“Today, three out of every four sportsbetting app downloads are of DraftKings or FanDuel. These are two operators who came to market with essentially 0 expertise in sports betting, but who were able to parlay (sorry) their brand and userbase into a significant lead in NJ.

And both brand equity and their userbases were built on an (almost) nationwide DFS business over the past 5 years. Contrast this with the toe-in-the-water approach of the European sportsbooks in NJ, who are patiently waiting for larger states to come online.”

The Stars Group and FOX Sports joined forces earlier this year to enter the US betting market. The partnership is the first of its kind between a major US media company and a sports betting operator.

In a press release issued after the launch of FOX Super 6, The Stars Group announced the Super 6 app was downloaded more than 280,000 times and saw more than 425,000 contest entries over the first nine days alone. FOX Bet CEO Robin Chhabra praised the early results in a statement accompanying the update:

“In just four months since announcing our historic U.S. media and sports wagering relationship, we successfully launched our FOX Bet products in two states and our nationwide free-to-play games. The pace of progress and the dedication and execution of our team and the FOX Sports team is extraordinary.

“Together with FOX Sports, an icon in sports programing, we believe we’ve built a platform that is like nothing U.S. sports fans have ever seen. We’re bringing those fans closer to the games they love by making our platform more fun and engaging than any other out there.”

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