Welcome to a complete rundown on the various options for funding your online wagering account. One of the many advantages of gambling at legal US betting sites is the ease of banking. Licensed betting sites operate with transparency and adhere to state and federal regulations. Funding your account at a legal betting site is fast, safe, and secure.

Betting Site

The same advantages come when collecting your winnings, players can process payouts using various convenient options and can feel confident that balances are accounted for and in safe hands with regulated operators, and that payouts will be processed in a timely manner without excessive fees.

Bettors who have had the misfortune of dealing with unlicensed offshore gambling sites know all too well how difficult and risky the process can be. Note that we only list licensed and regulated operators on this website.

To start the process of funding an account at a sportsbook, casino, or racebook the first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for an account with an operator that is licensed to accept players from your state. Log in to account and look for the cashier. Choose that option and you’ll be taken to an area where you can choose a deposit method and complete your transaction.

List of Betting Deposit Methods

Deposit methods are the means by which money is moved to and from betting accounts. Credit and debit cards, PayPal,  and electronic bank transfers are examples of gambling payment options that are available in the regulated US market. Each works in unique ways, but they all share the concept of moving money from Point A to Point B as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Choosing the best deposit method is a matter of considering your needs. Credit cards and bank transfers are the easiest and fastest way to fund accounts, but options included cash, paper checks, and prepaid vouchers also provide options.

Read on for overviews of all the most common payment methods available at legal US gambling sites.

Betting with Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the quickest and easiest way for most people to fund their accounts at mobile sportsbooks and casino apps. Type in the numbers on the card, choose an amount to deposit, and your account will be funded instantly.

This is also the most common deposit method for US betting sites. You can visit practically any legal betting site in the USA and fund your account with Visa or MasterCard. Discover and American Express are not accepted as often, but you do have options. See our page dedicated to credit card betting deposits for more information and tips for what to do if you have any problems depositing with your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards.

  • Fees: Most betting sites do not assess fees; some issuing banks treat betting deposits as cash advances and assess fees.
  • Processing time: Instant

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers send money directly from your checking account to your betting account and skip the credit card. This method has you type in your bank account and routing numbers before choosing an amount to deposit.

The big advantage the bank transfer deposit has over credit cards is that it’s usually free and funds are transferred instantly.

  • Fees: No fees
  • Processing time: Instantly credited to your betting account; transaction may take a few days to show up in your bank statement

Betting with Paypal

PayPal betting is available in most regulated states and markets. Paypal is an e-wallet that customers use to store funds and make purchases, using the wallet as an intermediary between bank transfers and credit cards as funding sources.  Paypal also allows peer to peer transfers.

PayPal is widely accepted in the regulated US gambling market and having an account is useful because Paypal processes transactions quickly and can be used to make instant deposits and receive nearly instant withdrawals.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing time: Instant

Online Bill Pay

Some betting sites now accept this simple deposit method that transfers money from your bank account to your gaming account, instantly. You’ll need to have a bank account with the bill pay feature at one of the site’s supported banks. You can see if your bank is accepted by logging in to your account and selecting bill pay as your deposit method.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing time: Instant

PayNearMe Betting

A large number of legal betting sites now accept PayNearMe as a deposit method. This is the best method for most players who want to deposit with cash. At no point do you have to reveal your private banking information – this deposit method is based 100% on cash.

See this page for a list of locations.

  • Fees: Varies; $0 to $5.99 per transaction
  • Processing time: Within minutes

Green Dot Moneypak Betting

Green Dot deposits can be made in-person at thousands of retailers across the nation. Just find a location and visit the retailer in person to fund your account. You’ll find Green Dot at places like Walmart, Walgreens, 7-Eleven and so on.

  • Fees: $4.95
  • Processing time: Within minutes

Play+ Prepaid Cards Betting

PlayPlus is an easy-to-use prepaid debit card that can be funded online via credit card, debit card and bank transfer. Enrolling for a Play+ card through your betting site’s cashier will result in a physical card being sent to you by mail, but you can complete your deposit online before it even gets to you. This method is fast, simple and very handy for anyone who has had trouble depositing via credit or debit card.

  • Read more: Play+ Betting Sites
  • Fees: Fees vary; no charge for depositing or withdrawing
  • Processing time: Instant


Wyrz was introduced as a solution to declined credit and debit card deposits. If you attempt to fund your betting account and your deposit is declined, your betting site may ask if you would like to route the payment through a digital, prepaid debit card in order to fund your account without ever leaving the cashier.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing time: Instant

Skrill Betting

Skrill functions much like PayPal as an e-wallet, but with higher fees and less widespread acceptance. If possible, it would be best to consider other deposit methods before Skrill.

  • Fees: 1% to 6% for deposits; $5.50 for withdrawals
  • Processing time: Instant

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer deposits work best for transferring large sums of money. If you want to deposit more than the maximum amount accepted by other deposit methods, the wire transfer is the way to go. The downside is that you have to visit your bank in-person to initiate the transfer.

  • Fees: Your bank may charge up to $30 but most sites offer to refund fees for deposits greater than some amount (i.e. fees refunded for deposits of $100 or more)
  • Processing time: 5-7 business days

Betting Using Prepaid Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards can be purchased in-person at retailers such as Walgreens and 7-Eleven. This is another solid option if you prefer cash or don’t feel comfortable giving the site your personal credit card number.

  • Fees: Varies; usually under $5
  • Processing time: Instant

PayLucky Betting

PayLucky is an online payment solution that offers safe, instant deposits to betting sites via credit card, debit card and bank transfer. If you have had trouble with declined credit card payments in the past, PayLucky is worth a look. PayLucky is owned by First Data Corporation, which is the world’s largest credit card payments processor, and promises a high acceptance rate for card deposits.

  • Fees: 3.98%
  • Processing time: Instant

Mazooma Betting

Mazooma is not a name seen by players very often as it tends to work on the backend of the payment process – most notably as a company that specializes in helping betting sites process eChecks and online bill pay deposits.

Although the Mazooma name isn’t well-known among players, it’s actually one of the largest payment providers in the industry and powers many electronic banking transactions every day.Mazooma works with every licensed betting site in operation and is authorized in every state with legal online gambling.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing time: Instant

Cash at the Cage Deposits

In many states, mobile sportsbooks are partnered with local casinos and maintain a physical presence at those casinos. In those cases, customers may visit the retail sportsbook in-person to make a cash deposit or withdrawal.

Bettors can find the nearest in-person deposit location (if available) by logging in to their mobile betting account, visiting the cashier and selecting “cash at the cage.” Instructions provided there will provide location information and reminders to bring a photo ID and login information.

Benefits of in-person deposits include security because there is no need to share one’s personal banking details, instant deposits and no fees. It also feels nice to make an in-person withdrawal to receive physical cash in hand. The biggest downside is physical security if transporting large sums of cash to or from a casino.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing time: Instant

Check or Money Order Betting

Bettors can get started by logging in to their online gaming account, visiting the cashier and selecting “check/money order.” The betting site will then provide a mailing address, to whom the check or money order should be addressed, and any other instructions needed to ensure the deposit is properly credited to the correct betting account.

Checks or money orders sent by mail can take upwards of two weeks to clear and be credited to the customer’s betting account. This is the single biggest disadvantage in an age where most deposits are processed instantly.

  • Fees: None for check; varies for money order
  • Processing time: Up to two weeks

A handful of betting sites still check or money order deposits sent by mail.

A Note About Depositing at Daily Fantasy Sites

Depositing to fantasy sites is similarly easy thanks to the fact that the industry is entirely legal in the USA. Most of the deposit methods described above work just as well at daily fantasy sites as they do for mobile sportsbooks.

Funding your account is as easy as choosing a method and typing in your information. Deposits are processed instantly in most cases and you can deposit as little or as much as you want. Every deposit method that I’ve tried so far has been equally easy and reliable. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference at this point.

Generally, credit and debit cards are the easiest across the board whether we’re talking about DFS or any other form of online gambling. PayPal is also worth considering as it comes in very handy for moving a bankroll from one DFS site to the next – and that’s not to mention it can keep your fantasy bankroll separate from your daily spending money.

Neteller Is No Longer an Option for US Customers

Neteller is an e-wallet that works in a similar vein to PayPal, but is no longer an option in the United States. Neteller has entered and exited the US market at least two times to date. Most recently, Neteller left the US market entirely in 2019. Customers who liked Neteller will find PayPal to be the next best alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Betting Deposits

Below are the answers to frequently asked question regarding making deposits to online betting accounts. Customers who still have questions should not hesitate to contact their sportsbook’s customer support team; betting sites tend to respond quickly when it comes to signing up and making deposits because they want your business.

Problems depositing with a credit or debit card are usually related to anti-gambling policies still in place at some banks that result in transactions to online betting sites being automatically declined. If you’re sure you have enough money in your account to cover the deposit, it is likely because your card’s issuing bank does not support online gaming. You can read more about those issues here.

Customers who have problems depositing with a credit card should consider trying an eCheck or signing up for a Play+ card. Both alternatives support instant deposits and boast high acceptance rates.

No. Person-to-person deposits are a relic of the past. Licensed betting sites in the US do not allow the transfer of funds directly from one customer’s account to another customer’s account due to anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

Many deposit methods also support withdrawals. Play+ cards, eChecks, PayPal, Skrill and cash-at-the-cage withdrawals are among the fastest and most convenient. Customers may also request a check by mail.

Yes. In states that have legalized mobile sports betting to date, customers may download mobile sportsbooks, sign up for accounts and make deposits from out of state. However, all customers must be physically located within state lines in order to place wagers.

Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in states with legal sports betting require operators to verify the age and identity of every customer. Therefore, all customers will eventually be asked to provide the last four digits of their SSNs and to upload a photo of a government-issued ID or passport.

Yes. Responsible gambling laws in states with legal sports betting require mobile sportsbooks to provide easy-to-use tools that allow customers to set their own daily, weekly or monthly deposits limits and wagering limits.

Some betting sites offer a “quick deposit” feature that allows customers to set a preferred payment method and use that to quickly make deposits without interrupted their current gaming or betting session.

The most likely reason for a failed PayNearMe deposit is due to $500-per-day deposit limit enforced via this method. Customers who wish to deposit more than $500 in a single day should try a different deposit method.