Wyrz Online Betting Deposit Method Explained

If one day you suddenly find yourself staring at a screen urging you to complete your deposit via something called “Wyrz” after attempting to fund an online betting account with your own credit card, fear not. Everything is working just as intended.

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Wyrz is a type of prepaid digital debit card that some betting sites now offer as an alternative when an attempted deposit via credit or debit card has been declined by the issuing bank. When a deposit is rejected, players are instantly redirected to a page to purchase a prepaid Wyrz with no additional fees in order to complete the deposit with almost zero additional waiting time.

SugarHouse Casino introduced Wyrz payments in mid-2018 as a solution to the all-too-common problem of declined credit and debit card deposits. The basic premise is this: if a credit card deposit is declined, the player may still continue the deposit by routing the transaction through a digital prepaid card en route to funding his or her gambling account.

As such, Wyrz is not intended to serve as a default payment method listed in the cashier. This is a quick workaround solution that allows players to still use their own credit or debit cards to make a deposit without overcomplicating the process. From start to finish, a Wyrz gambling deposit takes only a few seconds longer than a regular credit or debit card deposit.

A Rush Street Interactive press release from 2018 explained the concept in simple terms:

“Players simply enter their credit or debit card information, and if their card cannot be accepted directly, they are seamlessly redirected to purchase a Wyrz prepaid card, with no additional fees or charges – thus enabling them to deposit funds into their PlaySugarHouse.com account.”

The Problem Solved by Wyrz Deposits

Wyrz deposits were introduced to address the specific problem of credit and debit cards being declined even when those have adequate spending power. Declined deposits emerged as a significant problem when the first few states legalized online gambling due to outdated banking policies.

The root of the problem traces back to a piece of legislation called the UIGEA that was passed in 2006 in an effort to stamp out illegal gambling websites by targeting their money supply. At the time, hundreds of sites located overseas offered online sports betting, casino games and poker to US residents contrary to US law.

To make a long story short, the UIGEA ordered the Treasury and Federal Reserve Board to form regulations requiring financial institutions to have policies in place to block transactions related to illegal online gambling. Add to that banks’ preexisting concerns regarding the Wire Act and it didn’t take much convincing to get financial institutions to fall in line.

Despite US law changing since then and legal online gambling popping up in numerous states, many banks have not gotten around to updating their policies. On top of that, some banks just aren’t all that motivated considering the higher-risk nature of gambling transactions and other issues on the technical side of processing such payments.

Here’s how Rush Street Interactive COO Mattias Stetz explained the problem back in 2018:

“At some point (the federal government) wanted to shut down illegal gambling in the U.S. Banks became very subjective to what transactions they would or wouldn’t approve. However, since the legal and regulated New Jersey online casinos launched, some banks still haven’t changed their controls to reflect the new legal status.”

Thus, declined credit and debit card deposits continue to be an issue even in states where online betting is 100% legal. This is where Wyrz comes into play.

Wyrz is specifically designed to make it easier for players to deposit by avoiding the issue altogether. When a player experiences a declined deposit, Wyrz is brought in to route the transaction through a digital, prepaid Wyrz card. The deposit is then instantly passed on to the gambling site and the payment is processed successfully.

The big advantage for operators is that Wyrz makes it much easier for would-be players to fund their gaming accounts with little additional effort. The player simply confirms the deposit from within the cashier and the payment is made.

Here’s Mattias Stetz again speaking of Wyrz:

“Many may not be aware that one of the biggest challenges with online gaming in New Jersey has to do with depositing money to play. When a player tries to fund their account with a conventional debit or credit card payment, the transaction would often fail. Now thanks to the partnership between playsugarhouse.com and Wyrz, that is no longer an issue for those looking to wager and win on the exciting casino games offered on the site.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Wyrz is a fairly straightforward deposit method, but the following questions and answers should help to shed more light on this option. If you have any questions not answered below, the best thing to do is contact your site’s customer support team for individualized assistance.

How does Wyrz work?

Wyrz is integrated into your betting site’s deposit page and appears as an option if your original attempt to deposit with a debit or credit card is declined. When that happens, you’ll be given the option to fund your account through Wyrz without leaving the cashier. Just confirm the amount to deposit and your betting account will be credited instantly.

Can I actually choose Wyrz as a deposit method?

No. Wyrz is only presented as an option when your first attempt to deposit is rejected. If you want to give it a shot, first try to deposit directly using your own credit or debit card. Wyrz will be offered if that deposit is unsuccessful.

Are there any funding limits?

Yes, Wyrz can be made to deposit amounts ranging from $15 to $1,500.

Are there any fees?

No. Wyrz is offered free of charge as an alternative solution to declined deposits.

Do I need to sign up for a separate Wyrz account?

No. Wyrz is embedded directly into your betting site’s cashier. You’ll be asked to confirm and approve the deposit and then continue as normal.

Is Wyrz safe?

Yes, Wyrz is operated by a US-approved gaming payment processor. There are no third-party accounts to manage and if your deposit is not completed within 24 hours, any money still sitting in Wyrz will be returned to its original funding source.

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