4NJBets.com is New Jersey’s only legal parimutuel horse racing betting site. In years past, 4NJBets was an antiquated racing betting platform, but the website got a major upgrade in 2013 after national horse racing network TVG was chosen to run everything behind the scenes at 4NJBets. TVG is in turn owned by Betfair US, so you may occasionally see references to Betfair when betting at 4NJ Bets.



4NJBets.com is a licensed horse racing site authorized by the New Jersey Racing Commission. At 4NJBets, you can place real money bets online from anywhere in New Jersey. All bets placed online at 4NJBets are pooled with track wagers and pay at full track odds.


  • Covers 150+ domestic and international racetracks
  • Live racing video and replays
  • Free handicapping advice and tips
  • Online, mobile and phone wagering offered


  • Only open to residents of NJ
  • Mobile app only available for Apple devices

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Variety of Tracks

Bonuses and Promotions

Withdrawal Speed

4NJBets Info

  • Betting Site: 4NJBets
  • Website: www.4njbets.com
  • Established: 2007
  • Country: USA
  • Support: Phone and e-mail
  • Deposit Bonus: $100
  • Bonus Code: SUMMER

The new 4NJBets is a significant improvement over the old platform with easier access to current races, simpler deposits, faster withdrawals and a streamlined signup process. Readers should note that 4NJBets is only open to residents of New Jersey 18 and older. If you live outside of New Jersey, you can instead visit TVG.com (see our review here) for a similar experience.

Where 4NJBets.com differs from regular sports betting is that it does not involve betting against the house. 4NJ Bets offers parimutuel wagering, which means all wagers are placed into a common pool and payouts come from that pool.

Payout odds are determined by the amount of action put onto each horse rather than by a house oddsmaker. For instance, the favored horse offers lower payouts because more people tend to bet on that horse, which means the prize pool has to be split among more people.

Likewise, long shot horses pay much more because fewer people back those horses. When long shot horses win, the prize pool is split fewer ways and each person therefore receivers a larger portion of the wagering pool. All wagers placed online at 4NJBets.com are mixed into the same pool as wagers taken in-person, which means you always receive full track odds when you bet online here.

4NJBets Welcome Bonus

All new customers who sign up for an account at 4NJBets.com get a 100% welcome bonus worth up to $100. In other words, they’ll double your first deposit to give you up to $100 extra. For example, a $100 deposit will get you an extra $100 so you can bet with $200.

You can claim this bonus by signing up for an account and using the referral code SUMMER. Then, fund your account within 15 days of signing up and they’ll give you 100% extra to your first deposit only.

The bonus money may only be used to place wagers at 4NJBets.com and may not be withdrawn, although anything you win with the bonus money is yours to keep with no strings attached. The 4NJBets bonus does not come with any wagering requirements; anything you win by wagering the bonus money may be withdrawn immediately if you wish.

Claim your bonus today at: www.4njbets.com

4NJBets deserves some credit for providing a constant stream of new promotions despite being the only legal option for parimutuel horse racing in New Jersey. You can visit the promotions tab at the top of 4NJBets.com any time to see what they have on offer at any given time.

The exact promotions change on a regular basis, but some examples of the types promotions you’ll find here include things such as money back specials that offer a bonus credit if your win bet finishes in 2nd or 3rd, Pick 4 insurance that refunds some of your money back if your Pick 4 ticket has three winners but loses in just one leg and more along those lines.

You will also find the occasional winnings boost promotion. For example, one recent promotion offered customers a 10% trifecta bonus for select tracks. The variety of promotions here should help 4NJBets remain competitive as sports betting grows market share in New Jersey.

Horse Racing Betting at 4NJBets.com

The 4NJBets interface has improved significantly since coming under the ownership of TVG and Betfair US. Most notably, the betting platform manages to achieve the difficult task of showing a lot of information while still being fairly intuitive even for new users.

Once you’re logged in, the left side of the website displays a list of tracks based on the order of the next race. You can also see a full racing schedule and a complete list of tracks in case you have a specific race or track in mind.

4NJBets interface

The center of the screen is reserved for the actual betting interface. Once you select a track and race, this is where you’ll see a list of horses, horse details, track information and betting odds. A series of tabs across the top of the interface allows you to view different sets of information such as snapshots, class and speed, pace and jockey/trainer stats.

The main betting area also shows current wagering pools displaying how much money has been taken on each type of bet, the morning line odds and much more. One feature I found particularly useful was the ability to click on a little play icon next to any horse’s name to see that horse’s past results as well as video of every race that horse has run in.

There is enough information here to satisfy serious handicappers, but the interface is intuitive enough that it also works for casual bettors.

As far as value goes, 4NJBets is exactly equal to going to the track yourself. This website is specifically authorized by the state of New Jersey and your wagers are actually placed into the track pools at every racetrack. Every type of bet that you could place in person is also available online. This includes the basic bets such as win/place/show as well as exotic bets and their many permutations via boxing, keying and wheeling.

4NJBets.com accepts wagers ranging in size from $0.10 to as high as $9,999.00, but that does vary based on track. You can place bets online or through your mobile device at 4NJBets.com. Additionally, customers may call 1-888-4NJBETS (465-2387) to place phone wagers.

4NJBets offers refunds on a variety of past performance products when you purchase PPs and then wager money on a track that day. First, log in to your account and then purchase one of the following data tools using your account balance:

  • TVG Basic PPs
  • TVG Full PPs
  • TVG Watch and Wager PPs
  • Stats Race Lens Day Pass
  • TVG Super 8 PPs

You will then be refunded if you wager at least $10 on the track card purchased, at least $10 on any track if you purchased the Super 8 PPs or at least $25 on any track if you purchased the Stats Race Lens Day Pass.

Of all of these products, the Stats Race Lens Day Pass offers customers the most comprehensive handicapping overview. With the Lens Day Pass, you are given more stats, advanced modeling abilities and access to predictive modeling that produces estimated win probabilities. If you ever plan on betting $25 or more on a race, it’s hard to beat a free day with the Stats Race Lens.

The most important thing to know about free past performances is you cannot get refunds if you use your credit or debit card to purchase them. Use your account balance and meet the minimum wagering requirements as noted above to ensure you are qualified for a refund.

4NJBets Deposit Methods and Fees

4NJBets does well in accepting a nice variety of deposit methods, but earns negative marks for charging fees for many of these methods.

Deposit MethodFeeBrief Description
Debit / Credit Card$5MasterCard and VISA accepted
BetCash$0Transfer money to and from your checking account – easiest method once set up, free to use
Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card$5Purchase Vanilla gift cards at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and so on, then redeem online.
Wire Transfer$15Expensive, but useful for very large deposits
Green Dot MoneyPak$0Online only – buy the MoneyPak temporary card and then redeem online or via mobile device
PayNearMe$0Available at 7/11, CVS and Family Dollar. Log in to your account, generate barcode then visit one of the above stores to fund your account with cash
TVG Prepaid Card$5Sign up for TVG Prepaid card online, then make a deposit online suing your own debit/credit card. TVG will also send you a physical card at the mail that you can use for purchases / ATM withdrawals
Deposit at Track$0Some tracks accept TVG / 4NJBets deposits – call for current list of tracks and hours
Money Order / Check$0Mail a check or money order to the address shown here.