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Scoreboard Review

Scoreboard is the official mobile sportsbook of the Oregon Lottery. The Scoreboard mobile app and website launched in October 2019 as the state’s sole legal provider of online sports betting.

If you’re 21 or older and are located in Oregon*, you can visit the Scoreboard website or download the app for iOS and Android devices to bet on sports legally whether you’re at home or on the go.

*One exception: Oregon Lottery rules restrict wagers from being placed from within tribal boundaries. Geofencing technology is used to prevent anyone from placing wagers while located on tribal land.


No Bonuses Announced Yet

21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply


Scoreboard is the official betting app and online sportsbook of the Oregon Lottery. This is the only legal betting site in Oregon that is authorized to accept real money sports wagers online. Scoreboard is open to customers 21+ who are located within state lines at the time of access.


  • Legal and licensed in Oregon
  • Operated by the Oregon Lottery
  • Extensive coverage of pro leagues around the world


  • Does not offer wagers on college sports

Overall Rating

Reputation and licensing

Variety of wagers offered

Variety of sports covered

Ease of Use

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Scoreboard Info

After the Supreme Court overturned the federal sports betting prohibition (PASPA) in 2018, Oregon found itself in a unique position as one of a few states that already had legislation on the books allowing the lottery to offer certain forms of sports wagering through a game it had previously offered called Sports Action.

Sports Action is no longer active, but the Oregon Lottery’s previous experience with sports wagering allowed the lottery to take advantage of the opportunity without waiting for lawmakers to pass new legislation.

This has all led up to where we are now: the Oregon Lottery offers online and mobile sports betting under the Scoreboard brand name. The Oregon Lottery is partnered with international sports betting services company SBTech to provide technology and support for Scoreboard.

Now that the new product is fully live in Oregon, we have all the information we need to present an in-depth and straightforward Scoreboard review. Today’s Scoreboard review will discuss what it’s like to bet on sports through the Oregon Lottery as we look at the betting options, interface, features and much more.

Scoreboard Mobile App Review

The Oregon Lottery launched Scoreboard with mobile apps for iOS and Android devices plus a website for online betting through any desktop.

iPhone, Android and desktop users can all visit the Scoreboard website to either bet online without downloading anything or for direct links to the official mobile app. The iPhone app can also be found in the App Store, but Android users will need to visit the website for a direct download because Android does not list gambling-related apps in the Google Play store.

The Scoreboard app is surprisingly stable and well-designed for a state’s first foray into online betting. We downloaded the app expecting an experience indicative of a work in progress, but Scoreboard was a polished product from day one with fast loading times, a wide range of betting options and multiple features ready for action.

Some of the features offered through the mobile app include:

  • In-play betting: Scoreboard supports in-game betting, including short-term wagers such as the outcome of the next play. The shortest wagers of all last anywhere from 1-5 minutes and are called Snap Bets.
  • Live stats: All in-play markets come with an in-depth range of live stats that provide information such as time of possession, penalties, injuries, shots taken and more.
  • Match tracker: The integrated match tracker provides a virtual representation of the field or court during all in-play events. For instance, the match tracker during an NBA game shows the court along with markers detailing possession, offensive drives, shots taken and more.
  • Bet Back: Bet Back is Scoreboard’s early cashout feature that allows customers to close wagers at a reduced payout in order to lock in wins when things seem to be going well or to cut losses when things are going poorly. For example, you might use to Bet Back feature to lock in your winnings if you have a wager on the Packers and they get ahead against a team known for late comebacks.

Mobile App Screenshots

Sports Leagues Covered

Scoreboard accepts wagers on a comprehensive list of professional sports leagues from around the world. Oregon Lottery officials have stated they plan to begin with professional sports only at first and will consider adding college betting at some point in the future.

It seems Scoreboard is intent on making up for the lack of college betting by covering more pro leagues than just about any betting site to launch in the US. This is the only book, for example, we’ve found that covers leagues as niche as pro Mexican basketball and German handball.

Currently, the Scoreboard betting app covers the following leagues:

  • Football: NFL, CFL
  • Basketball: NBA, Adriatic League, VTB United League + pro leagues of Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico, France, Greece, Israel, South Korea, Poland, Turkey
  • Hockey: NHL, World Championship + pro leagues of Sweden, Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway
  • Baseball: MLB, Japan NPB League
  • Soccer: MLS, NWSL, USL Championship, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, AFC Champions League plus pro leagues of 40+ countries
  • Tennis: ATP, WTA
  • Golf: PGA
  • Motor Racing: NASCAR, Formula 1
  • Boxing
  • MMA: UFC, Bellator
  • Rugby Union: World Cup, Pro 14, Six Nations, European Champions, France Top 14, Gallagher Premiership
  • Cricket: International Test, Twenty20, Sheffield Shield
  • Snooker & Pool
  • Darts
  • Handball: European Championship, Champions League, Champions League Women + pro leagues of Spain, Germany
  • Volleyball

Types of Wagers Accepted

Scoreboard accepts all the standard types of wagers one would expect from a modern sportsbook:

  • Standard pregame wagers: Moneylines, point spreads, totals, props, etc.
  • Futures: Who will win the Super Bowl and other major championships
  • Parlays: Combine several wagers into one for a larger payout
  • In-play betting: Wagers on in-game events; wagers are accepted after the game has started
  • Snap Bets: An even faster type of in-play wager – Snap Bets cover short term events and are resolved within 1-5 minutes
  • Teasers: Just like parlay wagers except you’re allowed to adjust the point spread or total of each game by anywhere from 4-13 points depending on the sport and type of teaser
  • Each-way: Popular wager for races and tournaments – half your wager goes on your pick taking first and half goes on your pick finishing somewhere in the top 1-5 places depending on the wager

The number of wagers available for each game ranges from limited to extensive depending on the game. In our experience with the Scoreboard app, we found anywhere from just a handful of wagers for smaller games to more than 130 options for bigger games.

For example, a recent NFL game covered by Scoreboard offered about 100 unique wagers covering all manner of outcomes and in-game events. Markets for that game included the usual point spread, moneyline and total along with alternative spreads, alternative totals, 1st quarter outcomes, 1st half outcomes, first team to score, winning margin, first player to score and much more.

Betting at the Scoreboard Website

The Oregon Lottery also offers online sports betting through the Scoreboard website at

Bettors can visit the website from any desktop or mobile device to bet online with no download necessary, but mobile users are best served downloading the official app as it is better optimized for mobile devices.

Navigation follows the theme set by online sportsbooks in other states: a simple navigation menu on the left lists all sports leagues while the main betting area in the center of the screen shows a list of all upcoming games plus the most popular types of wagers for each game. Users can click any matchup to see additional markets for that specific game.

The Scoreboard website also includes the same features as offered through the mobile betting interface. In-play betting, live stats and the match tracker are all functional through the website whether visiting from a desktop computer or mobile device.

Desktop Screenshots

In-Play Betting

For anyone new to online sports betting, in-play wagers differ from standard wagers because they can be placed after the game has begun with odds that are constantly updated over the course of the game.

For example, you can watch the first five minutes of the game to get a sense of the momentum and then decide who to back to win the game. Some in-play wagers are resolved at the end of the game like normal while others take place entirely during the game, such as predicting who will score next.

Scoreboard has offered in-play betting since the day it launched with coverage of domestic and international events alike. The major US leagues are covered extensively with markets for football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf available whenever a game or tournament is running.

International sports also receive a fair amount of coverage. Soccer games from around the world along with international basketball leagues, tennis matches, cricket and even niche sports such as handball are given in-play betting markets.

Each in-play event tends to be covered by a wide range of markets that run the gamut from betting on the moneyline to whether or not there will be a score within the next 60 seconds.

Other Scoreboard Features

Each of the following features has either already been released or is in development, according to a presentation given by OR Lottery officials prior to launch. Some of the most interesting features include:

  • Account history: Allow customers to view their entire account history showing wagers placed, outcomes of wagers and total amount deposited
  • Automatic withdrawal option: Unique feature that allows users to set a trigger that initiates an automatic withdrawal from their online balance to their bank account
  • Deposit limit: All users are required to set a deposit limit over a chosen time frame to support responsible gambling habits
  • Loss limit: Users also have the option to set a loss limit over a chosen time frame to put a cap on how much they can lose over that time frame
  • Self assessment: Users can take a quiz to look for potential problem gambling habits and receive messaging based on the outcome of the quiz
  • Time out feature: Players may activate a timeout that will stop them from depositing or placing wagers for 24 hours, 48 hours, one week or a custom date range
  • Self exclusion option: Users may ask for a temporary or permanent self-exclusion period of at least 30 days during which they may not wager and will not receive targeted marketing messages
  • Responsible gambling bonuses: OR Lottery may offer bonuses and free bets to players who review their information and use voluntary tools

Is There A Scoreboard Bonus for New Customers?

Scoreboard does not offer a welcome bonus at this time and has not announced plans to release a bonus for new customers.

However, there is a page in the help section of the Scoreboard website dedicated specifically to explaining how bonus bets and risk-free bets work. Scoreboard clearly has plans to eventually offer promotions of some sort, but there is no word yet on specifics.

The value of any promotions also remains to be seen. The Oregon Lottery has a monopoly over sports betting across the state, so there is little incentive to offer large welcome bonuses. Generally, deposit bonuses are more prevalent in states that allow competition among private sports betting operators as they fight for new customers, but the Oregon Lottery will face no such competition.

That is, unless Scoreboard decides it would be worthwhile to offer a bonus in order to channel residents away from illegal offshore betting sites. If Scoreboard does decide to offer a bonus, we will update this review with all the details.

Scoreboard Deposit Methods

Scoreboard accepts a handful of deposit methods that are all processed through Play+. The first time you deposit to Scoreboard, you’ll be asked to sign up for a Play+ account. After signing up, you can fund your Play+ account through any of the methods described below and then transfer the funds from Play+ to your Scoreboard account.

Meanwhile, a physical Play+ card will be mailed to your address. This card can then be used as a debit card to make purchases anywhere Discover is accepted and to withdraw cash at ATMs. You can also cash out your winnings from Play+ via direct bank transfer.

  • Credit and debit cards: Credit and debit cards are both accepted by the Oregon Lottery through Play+. You’ll be asked to enter your card number, security code and an amount to deposit and the funds will be transferred instantly.
  • Bank transfer: If you’d rather not use a credit or debit card, you can also fund your Play+ account via bank transfer.
  • PayPal: PayPal is the world’s largest e-wallet and is accepted by a wide range of licensed betting sites across the US.
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