WinView Games is the newest legal fantasy betting site on the block and it is completely unique compared to other sports platforms we have reviewed to date. So naturally, we had to come up with a WinView review to share our thoughts and explain how it all works.

WinView Games

Deposit $10, Get a $10 Bonus

18/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

WinView Games

WinView Games is a predictions-based sports app that allows you to put your knowledge to the test against other fans and win real money payouts. Contests happen in real time coinciding with games and ask you a series of in-game questions such as who will score the next point. Your goal is to grow a virtual bankroll, make better predictions than your opponents and win money.


  • Unique and fast-paced sports contests
  • Contests happen in tandem with real games on TV
  • Instant payouts at the end of every contest
  • Covers many sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and more


  • Relatively new and untested operator
  • Contests hosted on iOS and Android apps only

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WinView Games Info

In short, WinView is an app that hosts free and paid predictions contests that test your knowledge against other fans in real time. You start with a virtual betting bankroll and then answer proposition-style questions as the game plays live on TV. Every correct answer grows your bankroll by the betting odds for that question, and every wrong answer drains your bankroll. Whoever has the biggest bankroll at the end of the contest wins a cash payout.

WinView contests are coordinated to happen live in tandem with NFL, NBA, MMA and other sporting events. As you watch the game, you’ll be answering short-term questions such as whether or not the Patriots will score on this drive, if the next basket will be a 3-pointer and so on.

Technically, it’s a form of fantasy sports because it’s all based on growing a virtual bankroll and no money changes hands on individual bets. In practice, it sure feels a lot like sports betting. Unlike sports betting, however, you do not play against the house. You’re just testing your knowledge against other fans as you try to grow the biggest virtual bankroll by answering quick yes-or-no questions during the game.

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How WinViewGames Works

WinView Games ensures its legality by adhering to the legal definition of fantasy sports, but the website itself makes sure to point out that WinView is NOT fantasy sports. WinView does not have you draft players, build lineups and then watch a handful of games hoping your players perform well on the field.


The Basic Concept

Rather than drafting teams of players, users are asked a series of predictive question as the game happens in real time. As you play, you’ll be asked questions such as whether or not the current drive will result in a touchdown or if the next basket made will be a 3-pointer. This all happens in real time as the game is being played, so you can watch the game on TV while competing against other people for real money through the WinView app.

The WinView concept is comparable to handicapping tournaments. Each WinView contest starts you off with a virtual betting bankroll. It is from this bankroll that you place short term predictions at various payout odds with the goal being to increase your betting bucks balance and end up with a bigger ending balance than the competition.

Here’s a quick look at some screenshots that should help explain how it works and what looks like when you’re actually in the middle of a contest:

For example, let’s say a question asks whether or not the current MMA fight will go the distance. If one fighter looks like he could drop at any second, the odds for each answer would reflect that. The odds for the fight NOT going the distance might be smaller (resulting in a smaller payout) while the odds for the fight TO go the distance might be longer (resulting in a bigger payout).

Remember, these in-game predictions are only played with virtual money. The only time you risk real money is when you enter a paid contest and submit your entry fee. These short-term predictions are all placed using a virtual bankroll.

Back to our example. Your choice at this point would be to balance risk vs. reward. Your goal is to finish the contest with more points than anyone else. If you’re down on points and need to make a comeback, you might opt for the higher-risk payout even though one of the fighters looks like he’s on his last leg.

Each question is a simple yes or no question and your job is nothing more than to get it right and grow your virtual betting balance. You can bet more points if you’re confident or fewer points if you’re not as confident. You can aim for the lower-risk answers to play it safe or take the higher-risk answer in an effort to put distance between you and your opponents. Whatever your strategy, it pays to know your sports.

WinView contests do not last multiple games like traditional DFS contests do. In fact, they don’t even last for a full sporting event. Football contests last a quarter each. Basketball contests each last for one period. Each MMA contest last for one fight on the card – and so on.

This means you can play for just a while and then go back to giving the game your undivided attention or you can play in contests all the way through. This shortened format requires less of a time commitment (good when you’re not sure how long you can stick around) but still allows you the flexibility to enter back-to-back contests if you would rather keep it going through the whole game.

You can choose between paid contests with real payouts and free contests just for fun and bragging rights. Free contests are available in all fifty states.

Log in to the WinView app any time and you’ll see a list of upcoming contests scheduled to coincide with games happening that day in various sports. Registration opens about an hour before the game goes live. Remember that WinView is entirely live, so you will only have contests to choose from when games are scheduled. If nothing is showing up, check back in later.

Once you enter a contest but before it goes live, you can get started with a series of pre-game predictions. An example of a pre-game contest in a basketball game might be something like this: Will the Knicks win the tip-off?

When the real-world game goes live, your contest begins and new predictions will be pushed to automatically. Roughly 25 prediction questions will be sent to you over the course of the quarter/period/etc. and you have a limited amount of time to answer each question.

You may wager 250, 500 or 750 points per question at varying odds. You may also use a ONE-SHOT option one time each contest using 1,000 points. The ONE-SHOT option does not cost you any points if you get it wrong, but it can significantly boost your score if you get it right. Choose wisely.

Points earned from each question are figured by subtracting the points risked from the payout. For example, let’s say you wager 500 points on an answer that pays 2x. In this case you would net 500 points (1,000 points won – 500 points risked).

A live leaderboard is provided for each contest so you can track your progress relative to the competition. This leaderboard will eventually have major strategic implications as you can imagine. If you find yourself falling behind, will you go for broke and begin risking bigger point totals on higher-paying answers or will you play it conservative and hope the leaders fall off?

Similarly, if you attain a sizable lead, will you continue trying to aggressively earn points or will you play it safe at the risk of letting the competition catch up? Only experience will give you the right touch as you navigate your way through these contests.

WinView Games Contests

WinView offers a number of contest types that will be familiar to former daily fantasy players.

  • Ticket Only Freerolls: These are completely free to enter and offer tickets as prizes that you can use to enter additional contest types.
  • Freerolls: Enter these with tickets won by playing in other free contests. Ticket tournaments pay even more entry tickets as well as promote you up through the global leaderboard for cash prizes.
  • Beginner: You may enter beginner games for your first 20 contests only. This allows you to test the waters with other beginners before entering the deeper waters with other veterans.
  • Classic: Tournament-style contest that offers varying payouts to the top of the field. Finish in first for the biggest prize, second for a not-as-big prize and so on. Prizes vary based on entries collected and number of players.
  • Multiplier: These tournaments pay 2x to 5x your entry fee in prizes. For example, a 3x multiplier would pay 3 times the entry fee to the top 1/3rd of the field at the end of the contest.
  • 50/50: Basically a type of double-up tournament. Half the field earns a 2x payout.

WinView Games Promotions and Bonuses

WinView games has been around for a while as a free-money platform, but they have only recently begun hosting real money contests with cash prizes and are just now making a big push to spread the word. A part of that effort includes hosting a variety of promotions and bonuses for new customers.

WinView Games is currently offering a $10 bonus to all customers who sign up for an account and make a first deposit of $10 or more. After you sign up and make your first $10+ deposit, they’ll add the bonus money to your account within 24 hours.

Something you’ll want to watch with WinView is they change their promotions and bonuses often and with little notice. You can always find the latest promotions by either visiting the WinView website and checking the blog for updates or by opening the app on your phone and visiting the promotions menu.

WinView hosts quarter-long freerolls with prize pools ranging from $10 to $500 each week. You can enter these contests with tickets earned by playing in free games, which are earned by playing in other free-to-play contests.

The WinView app explains that their biggest freerolls tend to take place during major, nationally-televised games and they do not give much warning. You’ll need to keep your eyes open, keep the app nearby and be ready to pounce when a big freeroll goes off.

Free Social Leagues

WinView supports free social leagues that you can organize with complete control over who you invite. You can invite up to 19 other people using e-mail addresses, Player ID or anyone on your WinView friends list.

Social leagues do not provide real money payouts, but they do maintain a leaderboard to ensure you achieve those important bragging rights over your friends and foes.

Banking Options

Your WinView Games account may be funded with $10 to $500 at a time via PayPal, credit card or debit card. Note that WinView allows customers to sign up for guest accounts to try the service, but you’ll need to register a real user account with your e-mail address or log in via Facebook to make a deposit.

Any money you win is yours to keep. Leave it as it is to enter more contests or withdraw it to your PayPal account for some extra spending cash this weekend. WinView can also send you a check in the mail if you’re dead-set against using PayPal.

PayPal withdrawals take around 2-3 business days while checks take around 7-10 business days before the money is in your hand.

Accepted/Restricted States

Real money contests are legal in 39 states in accordance with state-level gaming laws. Real money contests are be available in all states except the following:

MontanaNew JerseyNevadaSouth Carolina

You can download the app for iOS or Android devices by visiting the WinView games website to play in free games in all 50 states as well.