Sportsbook Rhode Island is the official mobile betting site of Rhode Island as authorized by state law.

State residents and visitors 18 and older can visit the online sportsbook at or download the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. A quick search of the app store for “Sportsbook Rhode Island” will return the official app at the top of the results.

Sportsbook Rhode Island

No Welcome Bonuses Offered

18+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

Sportsbook Rhode Island

Sportsbook Rhode Island is the official online sportsbook of the RI Lottery. This is the only mobile betting site that is authorized to accept wagers in Rhode Island.


  • Licensed and legal in Rhode Island
  • Operated by the Rhode Island Lottery
  • Easy to use and navigate


  • No welcome bonus
  • Short on in-play betting options
  • Lacks advanced features such as live stats

Overall Rating

Reputation and licensing

Variety of wagers offered

Variety of sports covered

Ease of Use

Generosity of lines

Sportsbook Rhode Island Info

Rhode Island legalized in-person sports betting at the state’s two casinos through a budget bill passed in 2018. Retail sportsbooks at Twin River Lincoln and Twin River Tiverton opened for business in late 2018.

Additional legislation approved in March 2019 approved the Rhode Island Lottery to launch online betting as well. This led to the launch of Sportsbook Rhode Island in September 2019.

Sportsbook RI Overview

To clear up any confusion, the official RI mobile sportsbook operates on two domains. If you visit one of the two Twin River Casino websites and follow the mobile sports betting links there, you will be taken to a basic landing page at However, you will be directed to to view the odds and place wagers.

Both websites are legitimate, but the one to visit when you’re ready to actually place bets is

Sports fans can visit Sportsbook Rhode Island online to view the odds and begin the registration process, but state law requires all customers to visit one of the state’s two casinos in-person to complete their registration prior to placing any wagers.

To get started, fans can visit and fill out the new player registration form. Customers will then need to visit one of the following casinos in-person and show a government-issued ID to complete the registration process:

Tiverton Casino Hotel

777 Tiverton Casino Blvd
Tiverton, RI 02878

Twin River Casino Hotel Lincoln

100 Twin River Road
Lincoln, RI 02865

After completing registration, players can log in to the Sportsbook RI website or mobile app from anywhere within state lines to make deposits and place wagers.

The Rhode Island Lottery oversees all sports betting throughout the state and is partnered with both casinos as the monopoly provider of sports wagering. In 2018, the Rhode Island Lottery chose international gaming operators IGT and William Hill to power the state’s sports betting operations.

The interface itself features clean design but lacks many of the advanced features offered by sportsbooks in other states. Here, there are no team stats, past matchup data or league standings. These are minor issues, though, and are easily replaced with a few Google searches.

Sportsbook Screenshots

Sports Bets and Wagers Offered

Sportsbook RI covers the major North American and international sports with a variety of standard options for each game.

A recent NFL game, for example, offered all the following markets:

  • Point spread / moneyline / total
  • 1st half and 2nd half outcomes
  • Will there be a safety?
  • Total touchdowns
  • Highest scoring quarter
  • 1st scoring play
  • Double result
  • Will there be overtime?
  • 1st team touchdown
  • Winning margin

Sportsbook Rhode Island also supports parlays, teasers and round robins – all of which can be constructed by adding multiple wagers to the betting slip.

The full list of sports currently covered includes:

Auto Racing (NASCAR)Baseball (MLB)Basketball (NBA, NCAA)Boxing
Football (NFL, NCAA and CFL)Golf (PGA)Hockey (NHL)MMA (UFC)
Soccer (UEFA, MLS, EPL, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and more)Tennis (ATP / WTA)  

This is not nearly as extensive an array of sports leagues and markets as offered by sportsbooks in other states where competition is encouraged, but it is also not bad for a monopoly provider. Sportsbook RI covers all the major sports and types of wagers.

Deposit Bonuses and Promotions

Noticeably absent at Sportsbook RI are any deposit bonuses or ongoing promotions for customers.

A lack of competition is likely at blame here. Sportsbook RI has no incentive to invest in bonuses and promotions as it is the only legal betting site for Rhode Islanders.

Sportsbook Rhode Island Mobile App

The Sportsbook Rhode Island app is available for iOS and Android devices. The mobile experience largely resembles the desktop website but sized for mobile devices. Upon logging in, users are presented with a list of trending matchups and a navigation menu to view all sports leagues.

Selecting any league brings up a list of upcoming games and from there, users can select any game to see a list of matchups for that individual game. Tapping any wager adds that bet to the betting slip, where the amount to wager can be input. The betting slip will show how much is at risk along with the potential payout before the bet is confirmed.

Customers can add multiple bets to the betting slip and either take each wager individually or use the menu items on the betting slip to create parlays, round robins and teasers.

The Sportsbook RI mobile app does not offer much by way of advanced features. Users simply log in, browse upcoming games and add bets as desired. It is not the most in-depth experience, but the app is very easy to use and navigate.

Mobile App Screenshots

In-Play Betting

In-play betting at Sportsbook RI seems to be a work in progress at this point. It is not uncommon to log in during non-peak hours and find zero live events on offer at the time. Compare this to licensed betting sites in other states that almost always have several dozen live matchups in progress at any time and it’s a big miss for Rhode Islanders.

The focus seems to be entirely on the major North American sports, which although important, leaves a lot of action out of reach. Even during a major tennis tournament, we did not see a single in-play tennis betting market.

Sportsbook RI also lacks advanced in-play features such as live stats and digital representations of what’s happening on the field. These sorts of features can be found at mobile sportsbooks in other states but are missing in Rhode Island.

Odds in a Monopoly Market

One of the concerns whenever a single sports betting or gambling operator is awarded monopoly status as the sole authorized operator is that the odds and user experience will suffer.

A lack of competition provides less incentive for state-approved operators to offer generous odds, value-added promotions or even work that hard on the overall user experience. However, Sportsbook Rhode Island does actually face competition in the form of illegal offshore sportsbooks that continue to accept US customers to this day.

We strongly recommend readers avoid offshore betting sites at all costs due to safety and fairness concerns, but this is nonetheless something the RI Lottery must consider if it hopes to channel bettors away from offshore sportsbooks. To that end, we can compare the odds offered by Sportsbook Rhode Island to those offered by betting sites that operate in the highly competitive New Jersey market to see if Sportsbook RI offers relatively generous lines.

The purpose of this exercise is to look at the juice (house edge) built into the odds. Juice is how sportsbooks make money and the lower that number, the better it is for the customers. We want to find out if Sportsbook RI is using its monopoly status to charge a higher juice than it would be able to get away with in a more competitive market.

Below, we compare the pre-game odds on two NFL games and two MLB games between Sportsbook Rhode Island and two betting sites that operate in New Jersey. We will look at one moneyline and one spread for each sport.

 Sportsbook RIPointsBet NJDraftKings NJ
Broncos vs Packers   
Broncos Moneyline+300+290+310
Packers Moneyline-380-380-400
Titans vs Jaguars   
Titans Spread-1.5 -115-1.5 -110-1.5 -110
Jaguars Spread+1.5 -105+1.5 +100+1.5 -110
Phillies vs Braves   
Phillies Moneyline+170+165+160
Braves Moneyline-200-196-182
Angels vs Yankees   
Angels Spread+1.5 +145+1.5 +140+1.5 +138
Yankees Spread-1.5 -170-1.5 -165-1.5 -162

Sportsbook Rhode Island is surprisingly competitive despite having no in-state competition. This is a tiny sample size of course, but we picked these samples at random and found Sportsbook RI to be right in line with the industry averages found elsewhere. Deposit Methods

After registering an account and verifying in-person at one of the state’s two casinos, customers can fund their accounts via electronic bank transfer (ACH). Users will be asked to input a checking account number, routing number and an amount to deposit.

Under state law, Sportsbook Rhode Island customers may only wager money that has been successful deposited or accumulated via successful wagers. In other words, Sportsbook RI does not extend credit to customers.

Final Thoughts

Sportsbook Rhode Island is a simple and functional sportsbook. It’s not bad for a state-authorized monopoly, but it definitely lacks the polish and advanced features offered by sportsbooks in competitive states such as New Jersey.

A shortage of in-play events and lack of a deposit bonus or other promotions are two big misses that could be easily rectified to make this a more attractive option for Rhode Island sports fans.

Overall, Sportsbook RI gets the job done as a basic sportsbook. Users can log in, bet on most major sports at reasonable odds and know they’ll be paid if they win.