Tales From G2E, Day 3: Two Products To Keep An Eye On

Day 3 of Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is always an interesting one. For many attendees, it’s their final day – Thursday is breakdown day, with the expo hall closing early, and a trimmed-down panel schedule.

Wednesday is also most people’s third or fourth day in Las Vegas, and if The Hangover taught us anything, it’s, “some guys just can’t handle Vegas.”

Vegas Takes Its Toll

Taking all that into account, Wednesday usually starts with a bang, and as the day wears on and the morning coffees have worn off (and alcoholic beverages continue to be consumed) less and less seems to get accomplished.

By Wednesday afternoon, the overwhelming nature of G2E starts to take its toll on a lot of attendees.

People are rushing or canceling meetings in order to freshen up before their company dinners. And most meetings start with how late each person was out the night before and where they might be going tonight.

Because of this, I tend to leave Wednesday wide open, which allows me to spend time exploring the G2E floor.

Here are two products that caught my attention.

There Is Online Poker After All

In yesterday’s column, I lamented the lack of online poker and casino products. I’m happy to report I found one on Wednesday in the IGT booth.

It’s a product I’m familiar with, having demoed it a couple of years ago. IGT’s online poker app is, in my opinion, one of the nicer mobile apps in the industry due to its thumb controls (on tablets) and the capability to play multiple tables and act on minimized tables without leaving your main table.

IGT’s online poker product is currently available in three markets, Italy, Sweden, and Canada. It could make its US debut in Pennsylvania, where IGT is partnered with Hollywood Casino.

Of course, that would require Pennsylvania to launch online poker.

An Early Version of Cashless Gambling?

With fewer people carrying cash, and payment options on phones, cashless gaming feels inevitable. That said, it hasn’t been able to penetrate the market, yet.

A product by Aristocrat could help change that.

Aristocrat’s product connects customers’ online social casino accounts with select slot machines on the casino floor. The short version is, a customer can load their social casino wallet with money, connect to the slot machine via Bluetooth, and load money into the machine or redeem free-play or other rewards.

It’s an interesting product that is already available in some casinos. The system has several requirements, including Aristocrat’s Oasis backend and slot machine compatibility.

Interestingly, the system could unintentionally end up being a responsible gaming tool that leads to better tracking and a way to help customers preset spend limits.

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