The Quiniela Wheel bet allows you to select one horse you think is going to finish 1st or 2nd and pair this horse with every other horse in the field. This might sound odd and it often confuses people new to the race track, which tends to make gamblers avoid the bet altogether. Actually, it’s one of the simplest of all bets at the horse track.

Quiniela Bet Explained

A quiniela bet is where you try to guess which two horses are going to finish 1st and 2nd, without guessing which order they’ll finish. So if there’s a 7-horse race and you’re convinced that two horses named “Metternich” and “You’re Fired” are head-and-shoulders above the rest of the pack, but you aren’t exactly sure which of those two horses are going to win the race outright, you can make a Quiniela bet on those two horses.

Quiniela Wheel – When You Know the Best Horse

The Quiniela Wheel is played when you know one horse is by far the best selection in the race, or a good value bet, but you have no idea which horse is going to place (finish second). For instance, if in the earlier example, you decide Metternich is your horse, but none of the others jump out at you, you could make a Quiniela Wheel bet where Metternich is paired with every other horse in the field as the Quiniela.

Quiniela Wheel vs Quiniela Box

If you have a good feeling about one and only one horse in a race, then betting the Quiniela Wheel is cheaper and makes more sense than betting the Quiniela Box. The box increases the combination of potential wins, but also increases the price of your ticket.