The trifecta key bet requires you to make a pick on a winner on a horse race, like the straight trifecta wager, but gives you more leeway in picking a 2nd and 3rd place winner. You are still required to get the horses that show and place correct, but you are allowed to fill a “key” of two or more horses that can finish second and third in any order. The more horses are added to the key, the higher the price of this exotic bet.

Trifecta Key Pricing

Below is the cost structure for placing a trifecta key bet. The minimum price for this bet at most race tracks is $1, though larger multiples are allowed. However large your bet, the price of placing the bet follows this scale of progression.

  • $2 – Two-Horse Key
  •  $6 – Three-Horse Key
  •  $12 – Four-Horse Key
  •  $20 – Five-Horse Key
  •  $30 – Six-Horse Key

The price goes up quickly on this trifecta wager, because the more horses are added into the key, the more combinations win for you. It becomes prohibitive to pick every horse in a race, because cashing a ticket is still losing you money. Still, the 3-horse key is a common proposition bet when playing the trifecta.

Trifecta Key Odds

Keep in mind that, in an trifecta bet, you still have to accurately predict the winning horse in the race. That makes the odds of hitting this exotic bet much higher, though it also promises good payouts. If you don’t have a solid selection for a horse race’s ultimate winner, don’t place a trifecta bet of any sort.