Single Game MLB Fantasy Contests Now Running at FanDuel and DraftKings

After a successful debut of single-game contests at the end of last football season, FanDuel and DraftKings are both rolling out the format for certain MLB games. Both sites were reluctant to get into single-game territory due to legality concerns, but DraftKings got the ball rolling during last year’s NFL postseason and FanDuel quickly followed suit.

The new fantasy baseball contests at both sites feature reduced rosters and require you to pick at least one player from each team. FanDuel and DraftKings diverge from there in the other rules regarding lineups and scoring.

FanDuel Single Game MLB Contests

FanDuel (see review here) introduced single-game MLB contests his week ahead of the San Francisco Giants vs. LA Dodgers series. At the time of this writing, FanDuel had just nine contests based on this game to choose from with buyins ranging from $1 to $333 and prize pools ranging from $250 to $25,000.

FanDuel’s biggest single game MLB contest at the time of this writing was a $25,000 guaranteed multi entry for $4 and a first place prize of $5,000. So far, FanDuel’s single game contests have been much smaller in size compared to their massive, multi-game GPP tournaments.

Single game MLB rosters at FanDuel consist of the following positions:

  • One MVP player who earns 1.5x points
  • One infielder
  • One outfielder
  • 2 UTILS

Here’s how the scoring system works taking into account your MVP player’s scoring bonus:

MVP Player Infielder, Outfielder, UTIL
Single: 4.5 points Single: 3 points
Double: 9 points Double: 6 points
Triple: 13.5 points Triple: 9 points
Walk: 4.5 points Walk: 3 points
Hit By Pitch: 4.5 points Hit By Pitch: 4.5 points
Home Run: 18 points Home Run: 12 points
Run: 4.8 points Run: 3.2 points
RBI: 5.25 points RBI: 3.5 points
Stolen Base: 9 points Stolen Base: 6 points

Check out the new contests at:

DraftKings Showdown MLB Contests

DraftKings (see review here) calls its single-game contests “Showdown” events and these too involve a reduced roster of 6 FLEX players. At the time of this writing, DraftKings had dozens of single-game MLB contests on offer with entry fees ranging from free all the way up to $10,600 and everything in between. Prize pools ranged from a couple bucks for 3-player showdowns on up to $50,000.

In fact, that $50,000 contest was the biggest of the night for this particular Giants-Dodgers slate. The Sunday Night Showdown had a $10 entry fee, guaranteed $50,000 in prizes and offered $10,000 to first place.

As far as the rules go, the only position requirements are that your lineup must include at least one player from each team and you may not have more than 4 hitters from any one team. Beyond that, there are no other position requirements. You can have six pitchers, six hitters or any other combination of players you wish as long as you follow the first two rules.

Here’s the DraftKings single-game MLB scoring system:

Hitters Pitchers
Single: 3 points Inning Pitched (SP): 2.25 points
Double: 5 points Inning Pitched (RP): 3.9 points
Triple: 8 points Strikeout (SP): 2 points
Home Run: 10 points Strikeout (RP): 3 points
RBI: 2 points Win: 4 points
Run: 2 points ERA: -2 points
Walk: 2 points Hit Against: -0.6 points
Hit By Pitch: 2 points Walk Against: -0.6 points
Sacrifice Fly: 1.25 points Hit Batsman: -0.6 points
Sacrifice Hit: 1.25 points Hold: 2.5 points
Stolen Base: 5 points Save: 5 points
Complete Game: 2.5 points
Complete Game Shutout: 2.5 points
No Hitter: 5 points
10+ Strikeouts: 2 points
7+ Innings Pitched: 1.25 points

You can check out the new contests at:

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