SugarHouse Online Launches $100K Dash Through NJ Promotion

SugarHouse NJ has launched a new online casino promotion today that will be giving out $100,000 worth of bonuses over the next several weeks. The $100,000 Dash Through New Jersey will send you on a journey as you collect Loyalty Points to earn Holiday Scratch cards stuffed with instant bonus prizes or miles that will propel you through a tour of New Jersey on the hunt for the grand prize.

The promotion kicks off today and all you need to do is play casino games at SugarHouse to earn Loyalty Points (LPs) for the iRush Rewards program as normal. The more points you earn in any one calendar day, the more Holiday Scratch Cards you’ll get that day. Repeat as many days as you want between now and December 26th to earn instant rewards and move your way up the prize ladder.

Some scratch cards will randomly award instant bonuses while others will give you miles that send you farther along in your tour of New Jersey. Every mile you earn from a scratch card will bring you closer to one of numerous New Jersey monuments that unlock even bigger prizes. The farther you get between now and the end of the promotion, the bigger the potential rewards.


How the Latest SugarHouse Promo Works

To participate in this latest promotion, you’ll need to be in New Jersey and sign up for an account at SugarHouse Online. Once you have an account, any real money casino game you play will automatically earn LPs as a part of the SugarHouse loyalty program.

The key to the promotion is earning enough LPs each day to earn anywhere from 1 to 10 Holiday Scratch Cards for that day. You can earn up to 10 cards a day every day of the promotion for a chance at winning instant bonuses or miles.

Scratch your cards every day to reveal your prizes and then repeat as many days as you want from now through December 26th.

  • Earn 20 LPs in a day: 1 scratch card
  • Earn 40 LPs in a day: 2 scratch cards
  • Earn 60 LPs in a day: 3 scratch cards
  • Earn 80 LPs in a day: 4 scratch cards
  • Earn 100 LPs in a day: 5 scratch cards
  • Earn 120 LPs in a day: 6 scratch cards
  • Earn 140 LPs in a day: 7 scratch cards
  • Earn 160 LPs in a day: 8 scratch cards
  • Earn 180 LPs in a day: 9 scratch cards
  • Earn 200 LPs in a day: 10 scratch cards

Again, all you have to do is play casino games like you normally would and you’ll earn LPs automatically. In turn, SugarHouse Casino will give you 1-10 scratch cards every day based on the number of LPs earned that day.

While some scratch cards will give you instant bonuses, others will give you miles that send you farther along in your tour of New Jersey. As you rack up miles to reach farther distances, you’ll reach the following milestones and earn increasingly valuable prizes as a result.

Milestone 1: Atlantic City Boardwalk

  • Earned after: 50 miles
  • Prize: $10 bonus money

Milestone 2: Pine Barrens Lead Point

  • Earned after: 82 miles
  • Prize: 1 Holiday Booster scratch card that will award a miles multiplier to your next scratch card

Milestone 3: Adventure Aquarium

  • Earned after: 134 miles
  • Prize: 1 bingo token

Milestone 4: Barnegat Lighthouse

  • Earned after: 206 miles
  • Prize: $20 bonus money

Milestone 5: Battleship New Jersey

  • Earned after: 279 miles
  • Prize: Wheel spin for guaranteed bonus money

Milestone 6: New Jersey State House

  • Earned after: 372 miles
  • Prize: First 10 players to reach this milestone earn $10 to $100 in bonus money (first gets $100, second gets $90 and so on). Players 11th and later earn 1 Holiday Booster scratch card

Milestone 7: Princeton Battlefield

  • Earned after: 383 miles
  • Prize: 1 Holiday Booster scratch card

Milestone 8: Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area

  • Earned after: 441 miles
  • Prize: 20% deposit match bonus worth up to $50 in bonus money (use promo code JOURNEY50)

Milestone 9: Thomas Edison National Historical Park

  • Earned after: 496 miles
  • Prize: $15 bonus money

Milestone 10: Patterson Great Falls National Historical Park

  • Earned after: 512 miles
  • Prize: 1 regular Holiday Scratch Card

Milestone 11: George Washing Bridge

  • Earned after: 527 miles
  • Prize: Players who reach this milestone will receive the following prizes
  • 1st: $2,500 bonus money
  • 2nd: $2,000 bonus money
  • 3rd: $1,500 bonus money
  • 4th: $1,000 bonus money
  • 5th-10th: $750 bonus money
  • 11th-20th: $500 bonus money
  • 21st-30th: $250 bonus money
  • 31st+: $150 bonus money


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Looking at the Value of This Promotion

A quick read-through of the terms and conditions associated with the bonus reveals no concerning items. All bonuses come with a reasonable 1x play-through requirement. This means if you earn $50 in bonus money, you’ll need to place a total of $50 worth of wagers before withdrawing any money earned with the bonus. This is definitely better than the average online gaming bonus.

It is also worth noting that LPs are earned at different rates based on the return-to-play (RTP) of each game. The RTP is basically a calculation of how much money is returned to players on average in the form of prizes for every $1 wagered in that game.

For instance, a game with a 95% RTP will return about $0.95 to the player for every $1.00 wagered. Note that this is only a long-term average; your actual RTP will vary over the short term based on natural swings in luck. SugarHouse Casino games tend to feature RTPs in the range of 94% to 99%.

The exact number of LPs earned varies from game to game, but the SugarHouse website provides some examples showing how it tends to award LPs.

  • Game with 94% RTP: 1 LP for every $4.17 wagered
  • Game with 95% RTP: 1 LP for every $5 wagered
  • Game with 97.5% RTP: 1 LP for every $10 wagered
  • Game with 99% RTP: 1 LP for every $25 wagered

With this knowledge, we can start to analyze the value of this promotion. Remember, 20 LPs are needed for every Holiday Scratch Card.


  • If you play a game with a 94% RTP, you’ll need to wager a total of $83.40 to earn 20 LPs.
  • If you play a game with a 99% RTP, you’ll need to wager a total of $500 to earn 20 LPs.

Now if we compare the amount needed to wager against the RTP, we can see how much you’re giving up in theoretical house advantage by multiplying the needed amount of wagers by each game’s RTP.

In doing so, we find you’ll be giving up about $5 in house advantage for every 20 LPs earned during this promotion. Therefore, every card is going to cost you about $5 in theoretical house advantage. Again, this is “theoretical” because you may end up coming out way ahead or behind on any given day due to natural variance.

The SugarHouse website does not explain how often Holiday Scratch Cards reveal instant bonuses or how many miles on average each scratch card reveals, so it is not possible to calculate the exact value of this promotion.

Therefore, we cannot say whether or not this promotion is a good value. With that in mind, your best bet is probably just to play as you normally would and consider anything you win a bonus all its own. If you don’t alter your normal playing habits, you’ll come out ahead just because this promotion is a cherry on top of anything you might win playing normally.