Win Place Show App Launches in Kentucky

The Win Place Show app by Equilottery Games will be debuting this weekend in Kentucky to kick off a 90-day trial run of a new KY Lottery game that gets its results from the outcomes of real horse races.

Win Place Show tickets will be sold for $2 at 45 select locations across the state during the 90-day trial period. You can see an interactive map and list of the retailers that will be selling Equilottery tickets during the trial period here. Some of the larger chains that will be participating include Circle K, Kroger, Speedway and Thorntons.

How It Works

Buy a ticket and you’ll be given three randomized selections of actual horses slated to run in a race held that day. There’s no way to pick your own horses, so there’s no skill element here. Win Place Show is strictly a lottery game.

Tickets must be bought in-person for now, but Kentucky does have online lottery legislation in place. However, you can download the app for iPhone and Android devices to follow the action while on the go.

After you have a ticket, you can then scan it with the Win Place Show app to keep track of your results and even watch a live stream of the horse race that will be used to determine your payout. The app itself will tell you if you’ve own and how much you’ve won, but you can also take tickets to any participating retailer to be scanned for results.

Winning tickets are determined by the outcome of the corresponding race. There are three prize tiers based on the performances of your horses in their real-world races:

  • Your three picks finish first, second and third in that exact order: Top prize
  • Your three picks finish first, second and third in any order: Second prize
  • Match any two of the top three horses in that exact order: Free ticket

Payouts in Win Place Show vary because the game is run in the parimutuel format. For those unfamiliar with horse racing betting, parimutuel payouts are determined by pooling all money taken in from players and then splitting that pool among the winners. As a result, the fewer winners there are for any given prize level, the bigger the payout for each winner.

While the exact payout in any given game will vary depending on the numbers of players and winners, the Win Place Show app does offer some rough guidelines regarding average payouts for each prize level:

  • Top Prize: $250-$1800
  • Second Prize: $10-$80
  • Third Prize: Free ticket

You can read more about how it all works and see some screenshots in a previous post we wrote detailing the app here.

Win Place Show Expanding to Other Sports

The Win Place Show app will be focusing strictly on horse racing during the upcoming trial run, but Equilottery has plans extending well beyond horse racing. Because all picks are made at random when tickets are purchased, the game can in theory be applied to any sport and still avoid being classified as traditional sports betting.

Recently, Equilottery reached a partnership agreement with Speedway Motorsports, Inc. to offer a similar game tailored to auto racing in Kentucky. This one will not be a part of the trial next month, but Equilottery and Speedway Motorsports have already outlined their plans for the game.

The auto racing lottery game will be called Car Cash and will cost $5 per play. Upon purchasing a ticket, you’ll be assigned three drivers at random for an upcoming auto race. Top prizes in this one are anticipated to reach as up to $50,000 with four prize levels:

  • All three of your drivers finish in the top three in that exact order: Jackpot
  • All three of your drivers finish in the top three in any order: Second prize
  • Two out your three drivers finish in the top two: Third prize
  • Any one of your three drivers wins the race: Fourth prize

Equilottery has also announced the development of similar games for other sports including baseball, football and golf. Baseball Bucks and Football Fever have been given as examples with players being assigned ten teams and winning payouts for matching 7 or more real-world winners in those games. According to Equilottery, the team sport games will feature overall odds of 6 to 1 and top payouts of $1,000.

Meanwhile, Golfing for Gold will be assigning golfers to each ticket and paying as much as $2,000,000 for matching all three of the top finishers in order.

Although these games do not exactly amount to sports betting in KY, they do offer a similar experience for lottery players while remaining well within the definition of a lottery game. This isn’t quite sports betting in KY, but the parallels are obvious.

Speedway Motorsports Chief Strategy Officer Mike Burch said this in a statement after the deal was signed:

“We have closely followed what EquiLottery Games has accomplished in the lottery industry and the unprecedented opportunity they are delivering for the sport of horse racing. So when they approached us about using this platform for auto racing, we were excited by the possibilities for our sport as well.”

Neither Equilottery nor Speedway Motorsports have announced a launch date for Car Cash, but the deal is in place and will likely take affect shortly after a successful test run of Win Place Show.

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