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EquiLottery Launches Demo Version of Win Place Show App

EquiLottery Games has launched a demo version of its Win Place Show app for Android and iOS devices.

The new app includes all the basic functionality of the Win Place Show game set for a trial launch in March of 2019 in Kentucky, but currently operates strictly in demo mode with no money changing hands.

The launch of the demo app serves as a preview of the upcoming EquiLottery product, which combines the random nature of lottery drawings with real-world horse races. EquiLottery Games is best known for its anticipated Win Place Show game, but the company says it has big plans for additional game types now that the sports betting prohibition has been stricken down by the Supreme Court.

With the demo app, users can scan any random barcode or QR code for now to take the place of the actual lottery tickets that will be sold when EquiLottery launches on a limited basis in March. Doing so will assign customers random picks and then launch a streaming video of the race. The Win Place Show app will eventually feature live racing video, but for now all videos are replays of past races.

Customers can also view “upcoming” races (which are actually just past races for now) and watch race replays from their smartphones. Once the app goes live in March, customers will actually be able to view upcoming races, watch them live and use the locator to find a nearby retailer selling Win Place Show tickets.

Anyone interested in giving Kentucky EquiLottery app a trial run can download the app today at:

And below are a few screenshots showing the demo app in action:

How Win Place Show Works

Win Place Show is set for a trial launch at 45 lottery retailers in Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky. The trial period is expected to last about 90 days, after which EquiLottery will expand the game throughout the state.

Once the game launches, players will be able to visit their nearest lottery retailer to buy a $2 Win Place Show ticket from the Kentucky Lottery. Each ticket will be printed with the names and numbers of three horses set to run in an upcoming real-world race.

Customers can then scan their tickets with the Win Place Show app to see details of the upcoming race, watch the race live on their mobile devices and see how much they’ve won.

All tickets will cost $2 and prizes will vary based on the number of horses entered into any race. The EquiLottery website explains that prize amounts are estimated ahead of time and that final payouts are determined after race results are official.

Here’s a look at possible winning outcomes:

  • Match all three winners in that exact order: win $250 to $1,800
  • Match all three winners in any order: win $10 to $80
  • Match two winners in that exact order: win a free ticket

Basically, what Win Place Show is doing is giving you random lottery numbers, but replacing those with the names and numbers of horses. Then, instead of drawing ping-pong balls out of spinning drums, EquiLottery is letting real-world horse races pick the winner.

While other lotteries are randomized at the point of drawing (when ping pong balls are drawn from the drum), EquiLottery is randomized at the point of purchase by making all picks automatically on behalf of the customer.

It’s all entirely random because ticket-buyers do not make their own picks. When customers buy tickets, they simply get whichever horses the Quick Pick generator spits out. This leaves the game firmly in lottery territory as opposed to actual horse racing betting.

This video from EquiLottery Games explains the mechanics behind actually buying a ticket and checking your results:

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