FastPick Moves to Resorts Casino Online in NJ

Resorts Casino in New Jersey has integrated FastPick fantasy games into its online gambling platform. Starting today, new and current Resorts Casino customers can sign up or log in to try the new FastPick games today.

An announcement published to Twitter earlier today also notified existing customers they’ll be able to transfer their balances over to Resorts Online and continue playing as normal:

Resorts Casino launched in 2017 and kept the game separate from its other online offerings until today. Sports gaming and analytics company SportAD developed FastPick, which impressed industry types enough to name it “best new game” at the EGR North America Awards in 2018.

FastPick in a Nutshell

FastPick is a fast-paced game that combines elements of daily fantasy with actual sports betting.

In a game of FastPick, you make anywhere from 3 to 10 predictions in heads-up matchups involving two players slated to play today. For example, you might pick between Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale in an MLB game, Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees in an NFL game and so on.

After you’ve made your picks, the game progresses like a fantasy sports contest. You’ll watch your players rack up fantasy points as they earn strikeouts, throw touchdown passes, rack up rushing yards and achieve other stats conducive to winning a game.

The goal, of course, is for each of your picks in each heads-up matchup to finish the day with more fantasy points than the other player. So, if you had Clayton Kershaw in our example, you would want him to finish the day with a higher fantasy total than Chris Sale.

If all your picks end the day with more points than the opposing player in each matchup, you win a payout worth up to $100,000 depending on the number of picks you made and the size of your initial wager.

The more picks you make in a FastPick game, the bigger the potential payout. For example, three picks will give you a payout of five times your original wager while ten picks will give you a payout of 500 times your original wager if you get them all correct.

One major difference between FastPick and standard fantasy contests is you play against the house rather than against other people. Every contest is just you making predictions and getting paid if they all come through as predicted.

In many ways, FastPick games resemble parlays wagers. They offer the potential of big payouts off a small initial wager, they are played against the house and the more picks you make, the bigger the potential payout.

You can read more about payouts and scoring rules at the Resorts Casino website.

Is anything changing?

The only thing that will be changing is where you go to play FastPick online. The website now informs users to head over to and sign up for an account there if you don’t already have one. If you already had a FastPick account, it will be transferred over to your Resorts Casino account. was only available to residents of New Jersey before the change, so anyone who already had a FastPick account will also be able to sign up and continue playing at On top of that, you’ll also have access to the full range of Resorts Casino games and traditional sports betting.