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Jackpocket App Approved to Sell New Jersey Lottery Tickets Online

Independent lottery sales app Jackpocket now has the blessing of the state to sell New Jersey Lottery tickets online.

Customers 18 and older can download the Jackpocket app and use it to buy real NJ Lottery tickets online from anywhere within state lines. NJ law does not allow the lottery itself to sell tickets online, but the 2016 Lottery Courier Act allows approved third-party services to purchase tickets on behalf of customers who are 18 or older and located within state lines.

An NJ Lottery press release issued on Thursday named Jackpocket as the state’s first registered lottery courier service. Lottery players can now download the Jackpocket app to sign up for an account, make their picks and purchase lottery tickets from anywhere inside New Jersey.

The NJ Lottery has approved four games to be sold through lottery courier services so far:

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • Cash4Life
  • Pick-6

As of today, Jackpocket is the only courier service allowed to sell NJ Lottery tickets online. As additional courier services are approved, they will be listed alongside Jackpocket at the bottom of this page on the NJ Lottery website.

Here’s Acting Executive Director of the NJ Lottery James A. Carey on the launch of Jackpocket in New Jersey:

“In New Jersey, 5.5 million adults actively use their smartphones to make daily purchases for everything from food to music. Now online players can use their smartphones to access a more convenient way to participate in the Lottery within state borders.

“Tech savvy adults are will appreciate the consumer protections written into the regulations developed in compliance with this act, which allow for a fun and responsible gaming experience.”

How the Jackpocket App Works

Jackpocket NJ app

Jackpocket buys actual lottery tickets on your behalf so you don’t have to visit an authorized retailer yourself. Getting started is a simple matter of downloading the app, signing up for an account and then choosing your numbers.

After submitting your order, Jackpocket buys actual tickets from an authorized lottery retailer, scans images of those tickets and uploads them to your account so you can follow the action from your mobile device. The scanned ticket images also serve as verification that Jackpocket has indeed purchased the tickets as promised.

Jackpot will also send an e-mail to you with the ticket serial number, which is tied to your identity. The ticket itself is stored in a fireproof safe and will be available for retrieval should you win a prize.

Claiming Your Prizes

Prizes are awarded to winners in one of three ways depending on the amount won:

  • Less than $600: Winnings are deposited to your Jackpocket account where they may be withdrawn at any time or used to purchase additional tickets
  • $600 to $5,000: Winning ticket will be mailed to your address and can then be redeemed in-person as required by state law
  • Greater than $5,000: You will have to visit a Jackpocket location in-person to verify your identity and claim your ticket. From there, you can claim your winnings through the standard NJ Lottery process

Winnings are paid in full no matter how much is won. Jackpocket is allowed to charge a commission on purchases, but it is prohibited by state law from charging a percentage of any winnings.

Not an Online Lottery

Jackpocket is not an online lottery like we see with Pennsylvania’s PA iLottery in which no in-person purchase is made at any point. While PA iLottery is operated by the state, Jackpocket is completely independent and does actually purchase tickets from an authorized retailer. Every purchase made on Jackpocket is backed by a physical lottery ticket somewhere.

New Jersey approved the Lottery Courier Act in 2016 amid a desire to protect customers from unregulated courier services and to make the product more accessible to a younger demographic.

Prior to the passage of the Lottery Courier Act, the legality of courier services was unclear. The new law specifically outlaws such services unless they are registered with the NJ Lottery. This adds some oversight to the process, protects the reputation of the lottery and will likely encourage more sales.

Where it’s Legal

Unlike some of the other lottery courier services that we have seen come and go over the years, Jackpocket takes a conservative approach to entering new states by actually working with regulators prior to launch.

To date, Jackpocket has launched in:

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