The Daily Double Bet is one of the oldest and most enduring bets at the horse track. Players enjoy making this wager, if they have a solid play on the two races involved, because it avoids a large portion of the state takeout on the second bet. Combine this with a dependable betting pool and you have a fan favorite type of horse racing betting.

Early Daily Double Horse Racing Betting

The traditional Daily Double is an exotic bet on the outcome of the first two races of the day. Many tracks these days also offer a daily double on the final two races of the day. There are some which offer rolling Daily Doubles throughout the course of the day, but the most popular bet is the early daily double wager. That’s because betters like to start their days off with a win, which gives them a little extra money to wager.

Remember that the early races have the worst horses, which sometimes makes it harder for the experts to handicap the race. Try to find value plays in the early daily double which have about as good a chance of winning as the favorites, because if you wheel with the favorites in both races, you won’t be able to beat the game.

Wheel Bets

Tracks allow players to make $1 Wheel Bets with the daily double. “Wheel” means that one of the bets allows for you to pick multiple horses. So you might wager the #5 horse in the first race and the #6, 7, and 8 horses in the second race. Payouts are less, where you collect only half of the normal $2 daily double bet.

Double-Wheel Bets

Double-wheel bets are also a custom. This is where you wager on three horses in the first race and three horses in the second race. Again, your winnings are going to be smaller this way, but this gives you a much greater chance of starting the day off with a winning proposition.

Crazy Lazy Daily Double

In the late daily double, you’ll find some really odd betting patterns, because people who have lost all day are trying to make one last big wager to mitigate the costs of losing. That means you’ll see lots of big bets on favorites and wheeling bets on several favorites. Again, if you can find value bets, you can clean up on the Late Daily Double.