The superfecta bet goes one step further than the trifecta bet–you have to pick the top four finishers in a horse race. The odds of correctly picking the superfecta are stacked against you, so superfecta payouts tend to be rather large.

Paying for a Superfecta Bet

Traditionally, the minimum price for placing a superfecta wager was $1.00. These days, many parimutuel betting tracks allow gamblers to place superfecta bets for as little as $0.10. The ten cent bet lets you place ten separate superfecta bets for what it used to cost for one wager, which is what many horse betters do. They’ll fill out their ten favorite superfecta wagers for a race and, providing one of the tickets wins, still have a nice cashout.

How a Superfecta Horse Racing Betting Works

I’ll give an example to highlight the superfecta bet, for those who are new to the site. Let’s assume you have an 8-horse race and you feel confident you know what the outcome of the top four finishers are going to be. You decide the final order is going to be the #3, #5, #7, and #2 horses, so you place a bet on a superfecta 3-5-7-2. The horses have to finish in that exact order for you to cash out a winning superfecta ticket.

As I mentioned earlier, many parimutuel betters prefer to make a lot of small bets on various combinations of the superfecta bet, to make certain they get the order right on one of their tickets. So you might place bets for 3-7-5-2, 3-5-2-7, 3-7-2-5, and so on, hoping that you have the top four horses correct. Again, this is feasible, if you can make 10-cent wagers–or, like anything else in this work, you have a bigger bankroll.

Superfecta Horse Racing Bet Naming Conventions

If you happen to visit another country and gamble at their parimutuel betting venues, you might find the superfecta bet under a different name. Here are a few of the aliases of the superfecta bet in the global gaming community.

  • Quadrifecta – Brazil
  • First Four Bet – Australia
  • Quartet – Western Australia

You also might find the term “superfecta” refers to a wager on more than the first four places in a race. I’ve heard of a superfecta bet that poses the astronomical challenge of having the better select the first six horses in a race–in perfect order.