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Nothing beats the mobile device for keeping tabs on your fantasy league and staying current on breaking sports news. If you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer all day, the apps on this page have just what you need. Each of these mobile fantasy apps can be used to manage your lineup, enter contests, challenge your friends, get the latest word on sports news or some combination of all of the above.

Best Mobile Fantasy Sites:

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These are the best mobile fantasy apps that I’ve encountered to date in the world of online fantasy. Everything you need to stay connected and be competitive is offered by these apps. Some are free; others cost money. All are well worth a close look for the serious fantasy player.

Apps for Playing in Fantasy Leagues

First up is a collection of my favorite apps for actually playing in fantasy sports leagues. You may see a couple familiar faces her, but I also have a few that aren’t quite as well known (yet). Here’s an overview of the top apps for DFS games.

FanDuel Mobile

Available On: iOS, Android + mobile friendly website

Cost: Free

FanDuel is the biggest fantasy site by a long shot and regularly hosts contests with prize pools so large that they turn people into millionaires. If you haven’t heard of FanDuel yet, you’re probably pretty new to fantasy. That’s OK – this site would be a great starting point for anyone.

FanDuel mobile lets you log in to your FanDuel account anywhere you have a phone and an internet connection. You can use the FanDuel app to manage your account, make deposits, join leagues, build lineups, research players, watch your team in real time and receive payouts. I found that the FanDuel mobile app works just as well as the full-fledged website.


DraftKings Mobile

Available On: iOS, Android +mobile friendly website

Cost: Free

DraftKings is the second-largest fantasy site and it too is capable of making the occasional millionaire with massive contests. In addition to large fantasy contests, DraftKings also hosts head-to-head leagues, double or nothing leagues, qualifiers to major events and more.

Even though DraftKings ranks second in terms of player base, it’s my favorite between the two. The drafting interface is intuitive and the way it shows matchup strengths makes quick picks a breeze. For mobile users, DraftKings has a mobile-friendly website as well as apps available for iOS and Android devices.


FantasyDraft Mobile

Available On: iOS, Android and all tablets

Cost: Free is the most popular second-tier fantasy site behind the big boys (FanDuel and DraftKings). With a slick interface and complete mobile compatibility, FantasyDraft has a strong product that could one day challenge the current industry giants. If you’re not sold on playing against tens of thousands of players but still like the idea of winning large amounts of money, FantasyDraft mobile serves as a nice middle-ground between the huge DFS sites and all the rest.

You can try mobile by visiting the website on any device. There are no apps to download and any phone or tablet with internet access will do the trick. You can test for yourself by following the link below. Mobile Website

Apps for Research and Strategy

Now that we’ve covered the best mobile apps to play daily fantasy sports, it’s time to talk about the best apps that assist in research, strategy and optimal lineup building. The following apps range in price and functionality, but all can be used to make you a more successful fantasy player.

The RotoWire Collection

Available On: iOS

Cost: $4.99 to $9.99 is home to a suite of powerful iOS apps that can do everything from help you customize lineups and create projections to simply stay up to date on the news. The “draft kit” apps can be adjusted to fit your league’s rules as well as mark off players during drafting, run mock drafts against computer opponents and more. These apps all have very high reviews in the App Store.

See the list here. Mobile Fantasy App

Available On: iOS, Android, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire and Fire Phone

Cost: Free

The NFL Fantasy app is both free and extensive in what it can do. This is a great starting point for anyone wanting to manage a fantasy league in the real world with features such as viewing player profiles, building sample lineups, tracking waivers and much more.

Get it here.

CBS Sports Fantasy App

Available On: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

The CBS sports draft kit helps you create cheat sheets based on your league’s rules, keep track of your lineups, participate in live mock drafts, receive personal player news and more. One of the nice things about this app is that you don’t even have to be online to use most features.

Get it here.

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