DraftKings will be hosting its inaugural Sports Betting National Championship in January and invitations are open to all whether you live in New Jersey or elsewhere. The $2.5 million competition takes place January 11th-13th in Jersey City, New Jersey.

This is the first time we’re aware of that a single promotion has been cross-promoted to fantasy players and sports bettors alike. Even if you’re not in New Jersey, you can earn a seat in the 2019 Sports Betting National Championship through fantasy qualifiers held online at DraftKings. Customers may also buy in directly to the event for a flat $10,000 fee that covers entry and “access to exclusive events.”

Qualifier fantasy contests will be running from now through January 8th at DraftKings with entries into feeder tournaments starting as low as $0.10. Just check the DraftKings lobby each day for contests labeled as SNBC Qualifiers. If you win a qualifier, you’ll get your $10,000 entry package which includes:

  • Entry to the championship
  • $5,000 sports betting bankroll to be used during the championship
  • “VIP Experience” including hotel

Earn your spot through a qualifier DFS contest today at:


How the Sports Betting National Championship Works

If you win a spot through a qualifier or buy in directly to the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship, you’ll be invited to Jersey City for the weekend of Friday January 11th through Sunday the 13th.

Once there, you’ll get your hotel accommodations and be taken to a VIP sportsbook managed by DraftKings. You’ll be given a $5,000 sports betting bankroll and your goal is simple: turn that $5,000 into as much money as possible over the next three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

The players whose bankrolls have grown the most at the conclusion of the tournament on Sunday will be ranked on the leaderboard, keep their bankrolls and receive a share of $2.5 million in cash prizes. The person who has won the most money at the end of it all gets the grand prize of $1,000,000.

All contest entrants get to keep whatever’s left over in their bankrolls as well. So, if you start with $5,000, break perfectly even and do not earn a leaderboard payout, you’ll still get to go home with $5,000 in hand. If you’re up at the end of the tournament, you’ll get to keep that too.

Up to 1,000 people can qualify for the Sports Betting National Championship, but the following leaderboard payouts are calculated based on at least 531 entrants. Payouts could grow larger if this contest ends up attracting more than 531 contestants.

  • 1st place: $1,000,000
  • Runner Up: $350,000
  • 3rd Place: $250,000
  • 4th Place: $175,000
  • 5th Place: $100,000
  • 6th-7th: $75,000
  • 8th-10th: $50,000
  • 11th-15th: $25,000
  • 16th-25th: $15,000

Contest Rules

The Sports Betting National Championship (SBNC) is designed to have a fairly wide-open ruleset, but there are some key things to know if you win a seat or buy your way in.

First, your $5,000 bankroll will be credited to your DraftKings account as SBNC tournament dollars. You’ll be able to cash out your tournament dollars as cash when the contest is over, but you’ll need to use these funds exclusively during the tournament.

All betting will be done through the DraftKings mobile sportsbook app during the tournament. Any wagers you place with your regular cash balance or through other sportsbooks do not count – stick with your tournament dollars on the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

You can bet on all sports or games as you wish on Friday and Saturday. You can place any type of bet for any amount you want subject to regular betting limits enforced by the DraftKings app. On Sunday, you’ll only be allowed to bet on the two NFL Divisional Round Playoff games.

Betting will be unavailable between 1 AM and 8 AM each day, but you can bet all you want outside those hours on Friday and Saturday. You can also place in-game bets (live betting) during the tournament, but no more wagers will be accepted after the kickoff of the second game on Sunday.

The SBNC does have minimum wagering requirements for you to be eligible for a leaderboard payout. You’ll need to wager a total of at least $1,000 between Friday and Saturday, and a total of $2,000 on Sunday to qualify. If you fail to meet those wagering requirements, you’ll still be able to keep your bankroll, but you will not qualify for a leaderboard payout.

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