FanDuel Introduces World Soccer Pick’em

As the world’s most important soccer tournament approaches, FanDuel is scratching out a place for itself as the place to play daily fantasy soccer. The World Cup opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia is less than a week away and FanDuel is celebrating its first World Cup with a brand new promotion offering two ways to win and a whole bunch of daily fantasy contests.

Today, we’ll take a look at FanDuel’s new World Cup promotion and then preview next week’s biggest fantasy soccer contests.

Introducing World Soccer Pick’em

World Soccer Pick’em is FanDuel’s newest promotion that allows you to pick winners and scores all tournament long for chances to win cash and free tournament entries. Here’s how the contest works:

  • Log in to FanDuel each day of the World Cup
  • Pick the outcomes and scores of that day’s World Cup matches
  • If you pick the winners correctly that day, you’ll be invited to play an invitation-only free-play contest scheduled for the end of that round (see contest schedule below)
  • If you pick the winners and all scores correctly for that day’s matches, you’ll split that day’s prize pool with anyone else who got all games and scores correct

Click here to visit and start making your picks

You’ll see the value of each day’s daily prize pool after making your picks each day. In all, FanDuel will be awarding $29,000 in daily prizes across the 2018 World Cup.

If you pick all winning teams that day, you’ll be invited to play the next tournament according to the following schedule. Note that you do not have to pick the scores correctly to win a free entry – you just need to pick the winning teams.

Contest Date Total Prize Pool Prize Breakdown
June 16th $22,000 $2,000 cash + $20,000 GAME credit
June 21st $11,000 $1,000 cash + $10,000 GAME credit
June 26th $11,000 $1,000 cash + $10,000 GAME credit
June 30th $11,000 $1,000 cash + $10,000 GAME credit
July 6th $11,000 $1,000 cash + $10,000 GAME credit
July 10th $11,000 $1,000 cash + $10,000 GAME credit
July 14th $31,000 $1,000 cash + $30,000 GAME credit

About GAME Credit

The FanDuel World Cup Pick’em Promotion is sponsored by, which is a gaming oriented cryptocurrency. With GAME credit, you can make in-game purchases, participate in paid eSport matches, buy video games and more.

If you win a prize including GAME credit, FanDuel will notify you and ask you for a GAME address. You can visit to set up an online wallet to receive your payout. The current value of GAME credit on will be used to determine how much GAME credit you receive after winning a payout.

World Cup Fantasy Contests at FanDuel

The 2018 FIFA World Cup officially gets underway on Thursday, June 14th with an opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia. FanDuel (see our review here) will be kicking things off with single-game lineups for that game, but the biggest contests get underway with the three matches scheduled for Friday, June 15th.

The first multi-game World Cup fantasy contests will be three-game slates involving:

  • Egypt vs. Saudi Arabia
  • Morocco vs. Iran
  • Portugal vs. Spain

The FanDuel lobby is already open for business with a variety of contests covering this slate. The biggest of those is the $100k Fri World Cup Special with $20,000 reserved for first place. That multi-entry contest comes with a reasonable $7 entry fee and will be accepting 16,806 lineups. It will be hosted as a standard World Cup contest with $60,000 in salary and eight spots to fill for the following positions:

  • 2 Forwards
  • 3 Midfielders
  • 2 Defenders
  • 1 Goalkeeper

In addition to multi-game contests, FanDuel will also be hosting single-game contests with 5-man rosters including a Captain who scores 1.5x points. Contests for the Russia / Saudi Arabia match are also open for business, and the biggest of these is the $10K Thu WC Wonder Strike with $1,200 reserved for first place. This one will cost you $4 to enter and has room for 2,976 entries.

Single-game FIFA contests at FanDuel use a different salary system which gives you a $50 salary to draft five players whose prices range from $3 to $15. Here’s how single-game lineups work:

  • 1 Captain (who scores 1.5x points)
  • 3 Forwards / Midfielders
  • 1 Defender
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