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Funding an Online Betting Account with a Check or Money Order

The old-fashioned check or money order by mail is still an accepted deposit method at a handful of legal betting sites in the United States. This is sort of an old-school deposit method in an age with instant online money transfers, but it nonetheless remains an option if that’s how you’d like to fund your account.

Finding a betting site that accepts checks and money orders is a bit of a chore, but we’ve managed to find a few sites of different types that will work for you. The list of recommendations below includes a mix of online sportsbooks, casinos and horse racing sites that we have confirmed still accept checks and money orders.

Betting Sites that Accept Checks and Money Orders

How to Deposit with a Check

Funding your online betting account with a personal check is as simple as getting the mailing address from your betting site, filling out a check just like you would if you were paying for a bill and then sending it off in the mail.

This is a simple and straightforward deposit method, but it is not the fastest as you’ll have to wait for the check to arrive via mail, wait for a real person somewhere to process the check and then wait for it to clear. If you’re OK with that, here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to your betting site and visit the cashier
  2. Select “check” as your deposit method
  3. Note the address provided by your betting site
  4. Write a personal address as instructed
  5. Mail it to the address given to you
  6. Wait for the funds to clear

Most betting sites will also ask you to note your account number or username in the memo line of your check to ensure quick and accurate processing. After the betting site receives and deposits your check, your account will be credited with the funds after the check clears.


  • Easy to use: If you know how to write a check and send something in the mail, you’ll find this to be an easy deposit method with no need to sign up for some third-party e-wallet such as PayPal.
  • Free: You will not pay anything extra when depositing with a check, other than the stamp needed to send it in the mail.
  • Flexible deposit limits: Personal checks can be made out for any amount you want, and most betting sites will happily accept any amount and still not charge you any additional fees.


  • Inconvenient: Checks are just not as convenient due to the need to find your checkbook, make sure you have stamps, double-check the address you’re sending it to and then actually mailing the check. Debit card and eCheck transfers are much more convenient.
  • Slow: Checks are practically stone-age technology compared to modern deposit methods when it comes to speed. While other deposit methods can have you gambling in under five minutes, checks can take a week or more to arrive by mail, clear and be credited to your betting account.

How to Deposit with a Money Order

Money orders are a bit faster than checks because the funds are guaranteed. A money order is paid up front with cash or with funds taken out of your bank before it is printed and given to person requesting the money order. This means the waiting time for the funds to clear is reduced significantly compared to a personal check and you’ll be able to get to betting faster.

Additionally, money orders do not require a bank account. If for some reason you do not have a bank account, you can visit a bank, grocery store or convenience store to purchase a money order with cash.

The process of depositing with a money order looks something like this:

  1. Log in to your betting site and visit the cashier
  2. Choose “check/money order” as your deposit method
  3. Note the address given to you
  4. Visit your bank or a nearby grocery store, post office, gas station or other retailer that sells money orders (Google Maps is good about showing money order locations if you need help finding one)
  5. Pay for the money order with cash or your debit card
  6. Mail the money order to the address given to you


  • Safer than checks: Money orders are difficult to forge and can only be cashed by the person to whom they’re addressed. That does not mean money orders are 100% safe from interception and forgery, but they are safer than personal checks and contain less personal information.
  • Faster than checks: Recipients of money orders do not have to wait nearly as long to ensure the funds have cleared successfully. This means your betting account will be credited faster than it would have been with a check.


  • Fees: Money orders come with variable fees. In most cases, the fees are reasonable. For example, the USPS charges $1.25 on money orders between $0 and $500 and $1.70 for money orders greater than $500. However, you will find some locations that charge $5 or more to print a money order.
  • $1,000 Max: Most retailers are only willing to print money orders for up to $1,000. There’s nothing wrong with getting multiple money orders for a larger deposit, but you will pay more in fees.
  • Even more inconvenient than checks: While personal checks can be sent without leaving the house provided you have stamps and envelopes; money orders always require a trip to the store so you can pay for them in person.
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